Our Mission & Values

Our Mission & Values

The mission of the Women’s Educational Center is to support women and all students, staff, faculty, as well as community members, in their academic goals; to deepen and enrich awareness of and education about gender issues; and to oppose inequities and barriers imposed on women.

We envision a world in which people of all genders are equally valued and safe; confront no barriers related to economic, political, or social practice; and have equal opportunities to participate in transforming their communities.


Integrity - We treat all those we serve with dignity and respect and strive to create a safe space for women.

Education and Learning - We value education and learning as transformative processes.

Collaboration and Partnership - We collaborate with campus organizations, faculty, staff, students, community members and groups to meet the needs of women.

Advocacy - We practice care, empathy, recognition, and autonomy in advocacy efforts on behalf of women.

Social Justice - We believe in transparency and feminist activism that works for the economic, political, and social equality of all people.