Sexual Assault Prevention and Advocacy (SAPA)


Sexual Assault Prevention & Advocacy (SAPA) at UM-Flint has two purposes: First, to support survivors of sexual assault; Second, to promote a culture change to prevent sexual assault on campus and in the Flint community. Housed within the Women's Educational Center, SAPA provides advocacy and resources for survivors, prevention education for students, and platforms for all students to engage in dialogue and activism with each other around issues of sexual violence.

Below are resources and information available through the WEC, UM-Flint, the local community, and the web. This information is also available in our full resource guide, which you can download here

Immediate Help


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Resources for Survivors of Sexual Assault

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Reporting options

You have options for reporting sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking.

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Academic, legal, and immigration assistance

Student survivors may have concerns about academic performance, financial aid, legal implications, and immigration status. Click MORE for information and resources. 

Protective & Interim Measures for Survivors

The university offers protective measures to help those who have experienced sexual assault, domestic/dating violence, or stalking. These measures are available regardless of whether the person who requests them files a complaint with the university or through the criminal justice system. 

How To Help

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  • Support a friend or loved one who has experienced sexual assault
  • Spread awareness and education on campus (students)
  • Support and educate students about resources (faculty/staff)

Learn More

Learn more about what sexual assault is, its legal definition, and educational resources.