What do I do if someone reports a sexual assault to me?

Steps to take if a student, faculty or staff member reports a sexual assault:

Determine immediate safety; is the survivor physically harmed and does she or he need medical attention? If medical attention is needed, call 911.
A survivor needs your support and understanding. Listen to them and validate their feelings. Do not express judgment about their situation. When someone has been sexually assaulted, their sense of control and power over their life has been taken away. Therefore, your role is to support and offer information about available resources.
Refer the survivor to the Women’s Educational Center. The WEC Sexual Assault Advocates have expertise in working with sexual assault survivors and can assist in coordinating appropriate on and off-campus resources and services. They can discuss options and alternatives, help identify the most appropriate resources, and answer any questions that may arise. Contacting the WEC does not mean that the survivor will be required to file a police report.
If the survivor does not wish to contact the Sexual Assault Advocate, encourage them to consider other support/resources listed below:

For student survivors: Counseling Services -- Student Development Center – 762-3456 or the YWCA Crisis Line at 810-238-SAFE.
For staff/faculty survivors: Faculty and Staff Assistance Program 734-936-8660 or the YWCA of Greater Flint Crisis Line at 810-238-SAFE.
Exercise the option of filing a formal report with the Department of Public Safety, 762-3333.
Complete an on-line, anonymous report on the Women’s Educational Center website www.umflint.edu/wec/