From the ENG 363/563 syllabus:

"This course is designed to provide you with a thorough understanding of philosophy and practice of a university Writing Center. Throughout the semester we will discuss the theoretical foundations of a writing center that services the entire university community. We will also examine and engage in the daily tutoring practices that contribute to a successful writing center. Since good tutoring practice is informed by sound theory, we will spend much time making connections between the two. In the end, you will develop your own tutoring skills and strategies and deepen your knowledge about the role of the writing center within the university. Feel free to call on experienced tutors, Scott Russell, or myself for whatever help or reassurance you need."

Dr. Jacob Blumner

Useful Documents for ENG 363:*

Policy Sheet: Gives you a basic run down of all the course materials, expectations, requirements, and grading of ENG 363/563

Theory into Practice: This 15-20 page paper will allow you to explore a topic of interest to you that can actually be implemented in a Writing Center (or tutor training course). This will allow you to gain valuable insight into some aspect of Writing Center theory and practice that goes beyond what we have covered in class.

Useful Documents for Tutoring in ENG 109:*

ENG 109 Guidelines for Tutors
Midterm/Final Evaluation Sheet

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