The UM-Flint Marian E. Wright Writing Center staff eagerly seeks ways to reach out across disciplines and across campus. 

Our services for faculty include:

  • Classroom Visits: Invite someone from the Writing Center to visit your class for five to ten minutes; we can tell your students about our free services.
  • Tutoring Appointments: While you develop assignments and handouts, have someone look it over to help identify areas where students may have questions or problems. If you are working on articles or personal research, you can meet with a tutor for feedback. Please contact Vicky Dawson, Writing Center Coordinator, to schedule an appointment.
  • Classroom Workshops: Have tutors come to visit your class and work with your students in peer review groups.
  • Required Visits: If you require your students to visit the Writing Center, encourage them to bring their assignment sheet, or send one to the Writing Center ahead of time to help tutors better prepare for appointments with your students.
  • Writing Center Statement for Your Syllabus: Use the statement below in your syllabus to inform students about the Writing Center 


The Writing Center can help you with any part of the writing or speaking process, from starting an assignment to the finished paper or speech. Tutors can help you with papers or speeches for any course on campus, graduate or undergraduate.  They can help with any problem you might have from organization to fluency and grammar. To schedule an appointment or learn more about the Writing Center, go to the Writing Center Website, call (810) 766-6602, or simply stop by the Thompson Library, 3rd Floor.  If you’re in an online class, online tutoring is available.  Check the website for details. 

Spread the word about the Writing Center. Our goal is to improve the writing experience for you and your students!

Please contact Jacob Blumner for further information.
Phone: 810-762-0655