Welcome Faculty

Our Center began in 1971 under the direction of Patrick Hartwell and Bob Bentley as a place to help college writers. In our 40-year history, we have never strayed from that mission.

We have, of course, expanded our services, and the Writing Center now houses several campus-wide programs, including cross-curricular, graduate, speaking, online, and group tutoring. We collaborate with faculty and students from nearly every discipline. So come visit us and see what we have to offer.  If you have any questions, please contact me Jacob Blumner, Writing Center Director. Our tutors are eager to support you and your students’ needs. The following is a list of those services: 

Services available for faculty include:

  • Schedule a Classroom Visit: Want a tutor to visit your classroom and talk to your students about our services? Click here to fill out a form to schedule a 10-15 minute tutor visit.
  • Faculty Support: Want to get feedback on your assignments or handouts? A tutor can be a great resource to faculty as well. They can help you identify areas where students may have questions or problems. If you are working on articles or personal research, you can meet with a tutor for feedback. Please contact Vicky Dawson our Writing Center Coordinator to schedule an appointment. Call 810-766-6602 or email vidawson@umflint.edu.
  • Classroom Workshops: Do your students have a paper coming up soon? You can schedule a tutor to come to your class to assist in peer review groups.
  • Important Note about Required Visits: If you require your students to visit the Writing Center, please encourage them to bring their assignment sheet, or send one to the Writing Center ahead of time to help tutors better prepare for appointments with your students.
  • Syllabus Day Video: Here is the link to a less than two minute video about our services you can share with your students on Blackboard. Writing Center Video Tour.
  • Writing Center Statement for Your Syllabus: Please use the statement below in your syllabus to inform students about the Writing Center:


The Writing Center can help with any part of the writing or speaking process, from starting an assignment to the finished paper or speech. Tutors can help you with papers or speeches for any course on campus, graduate or undergraduate.  They can help with getting started, organization, citations, grammar and more. To schedule an appointment or learn more about the Writing Center, go to the Writing Center Website, call (810) 766-6602, or simply stop by the Thompson Library, 3rd Floor.  If you’re in an online class, online tutoring is available.  Check the website for details. www.umflint.edu/writingcenter/writing-center-home

Thank you for spreading the word about the Writing Center. Our goal is to improve the writing experience for you and your students!

Please contact Jacob Blumner or Vicky Dawson for further information.