ENG 109 - College Writing Workshop

Placement through departmental examination or consent of instructor - 1 or 3 credits

College Writing Workshop is designed as an independent study in writing. You are able to focus on writing issues that interest you and are important to your academic success. All genres are explored, with an ultimate focus on writing for academic audiences. Peer collaboration is also an important component of this course.

ENG 110 - College Writing Workshop II

ENG 109 or consent of Writing Center staff – 1 credit; may be elected up to three times

College Writing Workshop II is designed as an independent study in writing for ESL students. The course has two goals: to help you learn the expectations of American readers and to help you acquire more practice in verbal and written English comprehension so that you can better understand what you are reading and writing.  With a tutor, you will work toward these two goals through reading and writing exercises and discussion.

ENG 363/563 - Seminar in Collaborative Writing Theory and Practice

Consent of instructor - 4 credits

Seminar in Collaborative Writing Theory and Practice allows students interested in tutoring to study the theory and practice of a university writing center. Through discussion, practice, and observation, you will begin to make connections between theory and practice and to develop your own tutoring skills.  Two hours of observation in the Writing Center per week is required in addition to class periods.  ENG 363/563 is taught every fall semester.