Honors in the News:

Kayla Bailey followed her dreams to Australia via her off-campus study. Read the article here! 

At the University of Michigan-Flint, we foster educational excellence through undergraduate research. This unique experience has been a key factor in broadening the horizons, and enriching the lives of students throughout the history of the UM-Flint Honors Program.

What is undergraduate research? It involves students working one-on-one with specialists in the field, both at UM-Flint, and at campuses throughout the United States and abroad. The off-campus study semester is funded by a scholarship of up to $3,000 and usually taken the summer of the junior or senior year.

As with any adventure, the Honors Program will enhance your life personally and professionally. And you have the chance to develop relationships with people you meet during your study and experience life in another culture.

Stephanie Chapman Off-Campus Study

Off-Campus Adventure: Stephanie Chapman

"Our task was to level the ground surrounding the Women’s Center in Las Palmillas, paint a mural, and help to prepare for a fence to be built around the center. We only had a few pickaxes and shovels, but we quickly learned to work with what we had. I got to speak with some of the women who emphasized the fact that we were empowering them. Because of all the hard work we were putting in and them physically seeing us make progress, they knew that they could also accomplish much. This was my first indication that I was making a difference in this community." ~ Stephanie Chapman, Social Work Major: Volunteer Abroad, Dominican Republic

Cameron Waites photo

Off-Campus Adventure: Cameron Waites

"As a participant in the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor’s Michigan in Washington Program, I interned full-time at the Association of American Universities in D.C. while attending evening classes full-time as well. One course in particular stands out still to this day: I partook in a 'Politics of Theatre' course, in which we studied current political themes in the context of viewing relevant D.C. plays, and shared post-performance discussions with cast members. During my internship at AAU, I completed a graphics project on the pandemic influenza virus H1N1 which was subsequently presented to members of Congress and the NIH to illustrate the benefits of sustained federal investment in university biomedical research. Representing AAU, I also attended congressional committee meetings on the Hill and drafted documents for the health, higher education, and scientific communities." ~ Cameron Waites, Health Sciences Major: Michigan in Washington Program

Off-Campus Adventure: Adam Zettel

"I had a most excellent and academically beneficial time. I feel that I was able to find a good balance between enjoying the different opportunities offered by studying away from home; such as meeting new people, and developing and executing a successful undergraduate thesis project. I cannot think of a better way to spend three months. I was given the chance to perform research with the guidance of experienced and brilliant minds as well as see part of the world culture and the people that compose a large international community. This experience has undoubtedly changed the way I view life, people, and even my academic studies in planning, pubic administration, and politics. I am very grateful that the Honors Program at the University of Michigan-Flint has given me the opportunity to broaden my horizons and prove myself academically for the betterment of myself and the public which I will one day serve."  ~ Adam Zettel, Public Administration and Political Science Major: Mass Transportation and the New “Informal” Regional Government, Scotland