Automatic Merit Scholarships

UM-Flint’s Fall 2020 Freshmen Merit Scholarship program awards automatic scholarships based on admissions application information. Freshmen students entering in Spring or Summer 2020 will be eligible beginning Fall 2020 for these merit scholarships. You’re automatically considered when you apply for admission through August 2020 (with exception to the True Blue Merit Scholarships (full-in state tuition)). Students admitted after March 1 will not be eligible for our True Blue Merit Scholarships (full-in state tuition), but will still be eligible for our $5,000/annual award. 

Available to first-time freshmen coming from high school, Freshmen Merit Scholarships are awarded automatically based on your cumulative high school grade point averages as well as ACT and/or SAT test scores at application.  If your grade point average and/or test scores increase to a qualify you for a larger award, you will receive notifcation that your award has been increased. Students who receive scholarships must maintain a minimum grade point average and credit hours at UM-Flint to have their awards renewed. 

*4 years, automatic consideration through August 31, 2020 for all but our True Blue Merit Award. Students admitted after March 1 will not be eligible for the True Blue Merit Award (full in-state award), but will still be eligible for our $5,000/annual award. 

** Additional full tuition opportunities (covering full time resident,in-state tuition and fees) are offered through a competitive selection process to high ability students. The Competition is held in February 2020 and is by invitation-only. To qualify for consideration for the competition you must have a complete admissions application (including test scores and transcripts) by December 1, 2019. Applicants meeting Honors Program qualifications (3.7+ GPA and 27+ ACT/1260+ SAT) are most likely to receive an invitation to the competition. 

***Satisfactory Academic Progress

UM-Flint reserves the right to make changes to scholarship and renewal criteria as needed.