Frequently asked questions

Get the Answers You Need for Fall 2020

With face to face visits canceled, is there another way I can experience the University of Michigan-Flint?
Yes! From video conferencing, to phone conversations, webinars, and more, we are creating opportunities for you to learn more about our amazing university. As we continue to develop a calendar of virtual events, we will add them to our website, so check back often. Right now, you can meet one on one with an admissions counselor or financial aid officer via phone, video conferencing, or text. Call (810) 762-3300, email, or text (810) 216-5241 to set up a meeting.

I am interested in applying to UM-Flint. Can I still apply?
Yes! UM-Flint is still accepting applications for first-year, transfer, guest, non-candidate for degree seeking, and readmit students. Admissions staff are working remotely and applications are still being processed. Our online application has no fee.

I just applied to UM-Flint (or have an application with documents outstanding). How do I submit my outstanding admissions documents?
For initial Fall 2020 admission, students with a 3.0 GPA or higher will be evaluated for admission based on their GPA. Test scores will not be required until after schools reopen. First-year students who wish to be considered for merit scholarships will still need to submit test scores. Test scores will also be needed for course placement prior to orientation. Students with less than a 3.0 GPA are required to submit a test score.

Official transcripts and other outstanding documents are still being received in the office through the mail. For faster service, we suggest requesting electronic transcripts from Parchment, Docufide, the Clearinghouse, or your school’s website. If you are unable to request your official transcripts, unofficial transcripts are being accepted on a temporary basis. Once schools and colleges reopen, official transcripts will be required. We certainly understand the challenges that our prospective students are facing with the COVID-19 crisis. Our office remains committed to working with you to secure your documents so that we may make an admissions decision. 

Standardized test scores (SAT/ACT) can be submitted electronically through College Board or ACT websites. Please use UM-Flint’s code when requesting your test scores: 

ACT Testing Code: 2063, SAT Testing Code: 1853

To check on your status or ask questions, call (810) 762-3300, email, or text (810) 216-5241.

I planned to retake my ACT/SAT and now the testing dates have been canceled. Can I still submit ACT/SAT scores?
To accommodate students who planned to retake their ACT/SAT to improve their score or planned to take it for the first time, we will be accepting ACT/SAT scores for Fall 2020 First-year students through September 30, 2020. Any updated scores will be accepted through this date and will be used for awarding automatic scholarships, as well as increased scholarship awards based on new scores.

Can I still send my FAFSA?
Yes! Our Financial Aid Office is still accepting FAFSAs and creating award packages for students. Just send your FAFSA information to UM-Flint using our code: 002327. Please contact the Financial Aid Office at (810) 762-3444 or email at

Can I still get a scholarship?
Yes! Scholarships are still available for first-year, transfer, and readmit students. The Admissions and Financial Aid offices will continue to award scholarships to students based upon scholarship criteria and availability of funds. First-year students who wish to be considered for merit scholarships need to have a test score on file. Please contact the Financial Aid Office at (810) 762-3444 or email at or Admissions at (810) 762-3300, email, or text at (810) 216-5241. 

I’m admitted and I don’t know how to take my next steps. Help!
Admitted students will still receive their admissions communications via mail and email. UM-Flint Admissions staff are working remotely and you can still talk to your Admissions Counselor. To get help with your next steps, call (810) 762.3300, email, or text at (810) 216-5241.

I’m a transfer student. Can I register for my classes?
Yes! Registration is open for Fall courses! Transfer students can register for classes before they attend orientation. First, you need to speak to your academic advisor. You can call (810) 762-3085 or email to confirm who your advisor is.

I’m a current DEEP or Genesee Early College student who has been admitted as a freshman for Fall 2020. Can I register for my fall classes?
Yes! Current DEEP and Genesee Early College students who have been admitted for Fall 2020 as a first-year student can register for your classes through your SIS account after you meet with your advisor. You can call (810) 762-3085 or email to confirm who your advisor is.

I’m scheduled for orientation. Will my session be canceled?
At this time, orientation sessions will be moving forward as planned. In the event that changes are made to your orientation session, the Student Success Center will contact you directly. You can call (810) 762-3085 or email with any additional questions you may have regarding orientation.  

Is UM-Flint holding classes online?
As of today, the majority of Fall 2020 courses are scheduled to take place on online with a limited number of courses being offered face-to-face due to the ongoing pandemic. The plan for Fall 2020 can be found here.

Are there any accommodations being made to late fees?
If you have any questions about your bill or late penalties, please contact the Student Accounts Office at

What is UM-Flint doing as a campus as a result of COVID-19?
Campus health and safety is a top priority at UM-Flint. Many steps have been taken to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. To learn more about the University’s response, visit our COVID-19 information website.

I have more questions. Who should I contact?
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Call (810) 762-3300
Text (810) 216-5241