Pushing Limits: UM-Flint’s Honors Scholar Program

The Honors Scholar Program sets the pace for the entire UM-Flint campus, emphasizing critical thinking, humanistic and scientific inquiry, and fostering respect for social, cultural, and ethnic diversity.

Since 1979, the Honors Program has offered advanced students an enriched academic atmosphere highlighted by cross-disciplinary learning and one-on-one research with renown experts the world over.

From exploring women’s suffrage in Japan to rethinking autism in Africa, the possibilities available to Honors students are as rich and varied as their intellectual passions.

UM-Flint Honors Scholars have a 100% acceptance rate to medical and professional schools.

The following are representative for the many unique and exciting projects undertaken by past honors students:

  • Chemical Ecology: A New Discovery about Sea Spiders in Tasmania
  • History studies in New Zealand
  • Cancer Research at University of London Medical Laboratories
  • Development of Programmed Artificial Intelligence for a Robot at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Shakespeare Research at Oxford, England
  • Biochemistry at Brown University

Apply to the Honors Program

To apply to the Honors Scholar Program or to get more information, contact:

Honors Scholar Program
University of Michigan - Flint
112 Thompson Library
303 East Kearsley Street
Flint, MI 48502
(810) 424-5354