Readmit Student Orientation

Welcome Back!

Any time a student has been out of attendance for 12 consecutive months (thus becoming a Readmitting student) he or she is required to follow the catalog in effect at the time of readmission. The current catalog is available online at

As a Readmitting student, you are eligible to register during open registration. You can view the semester calendar for open registration dates here:

Registration is completed online via the Student Information System (SIS) at

It is highly recommended that you meet with your academic advisor. If you are uncertain where you should be advised contact us at (810) 762-3085 or

You should plan to work closely with the Career Center on career planning. They will assist you with career exploration, preparation, coordinating co-ops or internships, preparing resumes, and preparing for job searching and interviewing. Please see their web site for more details on the career services available to you at:

While orientation is not required, we recommend that you attend a Transfer Student Orientation session.

If you would like to attend a Transfer Student Orientation session, please contact the Student Success Center at (810) 762-3085 or