Africana Studies Research

Our faculty are active researchers in the interdisciplinary field of Africana Studies. Keep reading to learn about some recent work by our professors! 

recent africana studies research

Violent Non-State Actors in Africa: Terrorists, Rebels and Warlords

Edited by Dauda Abubakar, this book explores the rise and impact of violent non-state actors in contemporary Africa and the implications for the sovereignty and security of African states. Each chapter tackles a unique angle on violent organizations on the continent with the view of highlighting the conditions that lead to the rise and radicalization of these groups.

The Rise of Coffee and the Demise of Colonial Autonomy

Authored by Dr. Guluma Gemeda and published in Northeast African Studies, this article examines the relationship between political centralization and the penetration of the market economy in Ethiopia during the early twentieth century. It attempts to show how increased coffee production and export, despite its contribution to the prosperity of Jimma, undermined the kingdom's autonomy and accelerated Haile Sellassie's drive for the creation of a centralized bureaucratic state.