Digital Signage

Digital signs are a great way to advertise for any on-campus open event that is hosted by a recognized student organization or campus department. Signs will be displayed on multiple screens located throughout campus.

Submit a Sign for Display


  • The name of the sponsoring organization must be prominently displayed.
  • Be sure to include the event name, location, date, and time, as well as any other necessary information (costs, registration locations, etc.)
  • For best display, the image must have landscape orientation (size of 1920 x 1080)  and a .jpg format
  • Keep font sizes large, especially for your main messages.  Font should be easy for viewers to read (Arial, Tahoma, and Times New Roman are recommended).   Ensure text colors have high contrast with the background color.
  • Digital signage is communications at a glance (the sign will display for approximately 15 seconds at a time).  Keep your words concise, digital signs are the wrong medium for paragraphs of text.
  • The background of the image cannot be red, as red is reserved for emergency communication only. Any submitted images with a red background will be rejected and returned with an explanation.


Remember digital signage is communication at a glance.  For best display, use landscape oreintation, concise wording, large font sizes and jpg format.



(click here to save this sample template)



  • Digital signs must advertise an on-campus open event sponsored by a recognized student organization or campus department. Possible exceptions include upcoming deadline information, changes in timing and/or location details, etc.
  • Advertisement of commercial products or services on the digital signage system is prohibited.
  • All submissions must be proofread; any grammar or spelling errors will cause your request to be denied and the image will be returned with an explanation.


Signs are located throughout campus in the following areas:

  • University Pavilion (2nd floor)
  • University Center (3rd floor)
  • Library to French Hall Tunnel
  • William S. White Building (1st floor)