University of Michigan-Flint Alumni Relations

The Office of Alumni Relations adds value to the alumni experience through fostering university spirit and managing communications.  Our programs are designed to build leadership, create traditions, support students, and foster connections among our 40,000 alumni.  Our office, in collaboration with the University of Michigan Alumni Association, is your tie to the Leaders and Best.


UM-Flint Students V. Alumni Basketball Game builds community, competition, camaraderie

On March 29, students, alumni, and members of the community will gather to participate in the festivities surrounding the University of Michigan-Flint’s third annual Students vs. Alumni Basketball Game.

Co-sponsored by UM-Flint’s First Street Block Club and Alumni Relations, this event is one of the unique opportunities on campus where students, alumni, family, friends, and community all come together in one place. The competition in the first two years has proved fierce; but more than bragging rights, the Students vs. Alumni Basketball Game brings the UM-Flint community together for an engaging and welcoming evening of fun.

UM-Flint Love Stories

One of the most enduring outcomes of attending a university is the relationships you form while there.  Whether it be with a faculty member, classmate, fraternity brother, sorority sister, or some other person, relationships formed while in college often continue for a lifetime. Sometimes these relationships lead to something more.  

Giving Back: UM-Flint alumni discover the rewards of volunteering

The University of Michigan has the largest living alumni body of any university in the world, and that group includes all those that graduated from UM-Flint as well.

But there’s something that sets University of Michigan-Flint graduates apart from the rest: their commitment to giving back.

Alumni volunteers are the heart of UM-Flint’s Alumni Relations office and play a major role in nearly every university-wide event held on campus. From “Go Blue on the Bricks” to commencement, UM-Flint alumni continue to create and sustain signature programs with their dedication, expertise, and enthusiasm.