Hearing the latest updates from UM-Flint alumni makes us proud each and every day. Whether it be career accomplishments, leadership within the community, or everything in between, our alumni are a celebrated source of pride. 
Now it’s time to hear from you! We’d love to know what you’re currently doing, and how UM-Flint helped to make a difference in your career and personal life. We are asking our alumni to share their experiences with us, to add to a repository that will celebrate our successes, and help tell the UM-Flint alumni story. 

Alumni Interview Archives

Patriece N. Campbell, Ed.D.

"College is what you make it. It’s important to find an institution that is the best fit for you. For me, UMF had the environment that had faculty and staff that cared about the entire experience of the students. There are opportunities to make a difference in many aspects of college life… you should think about what you want to gain from college, but also what impact you hope to make, and ways you would like to grow as well. I am proud of the work that I was able to accomplish as a student and later on as a staff member."

Ursula Mullen, Class of 2016

"The experience of socializing with other students and faculty was the most valuable experience to me. Learning how to communicate with people and how to establish genuine relationships was the most impactful skill to my career, and I believe it to be for all careers. My job as a realtor is 100% based on my relationships with people, and that skill was built by having the intimate setting UM-Flint provides with smaller class sizes and involvement in student organizations."

Marnise Roberts, Class of 1998

"Become engaged in the Flint community - Flint needs you - develop your life skills and take advantage of opportunities. Connect with people who are like you and engage in conversations with those who are not. Seek understanding of the people, cultures and real world you will one day enter. Be responsible citizens and respected leaders who operate with a concern for others.  Start that effort now. There’s no better opportunity than in Flint."

Phillip Ferrier, Class of 2010

"The communication theory I learned at UM-Flint was easily applied to help groups of young adventurers overcome their fears and learn lifelong lessons while enjoying the outdoors. Now in an administrative role at Philmont Scout Ranch I oversee the hiring, training, and management of over 1,300 seasonal staff who “deliver wilderness adventures that last a lifetime.” It is incredibly rewarding work and I love what I do."

Natalie Sevick, Class of 2011

"UM-Flint gave me many of the tools needed for a successful career. At UM-Flint, I gained the fundamental skills and techniques required for straight acting, musical theatre, Shakespeare, and other classical styles. I also learned the proper etiquette, work ethic, and discipline that is expected of a professional actor."

Desmond D. Sheppard, Class of 2015

"I graduated with a degree in Voice Performance--a field using both my musical background in piano and the knowledge of formants and resonance from Physics courses. This amalgam was by no means deliberate or engineered; I simply threw myself at things that interested me until I found things that fit together, and then I sought to apply them in unusual or seldom-pursued ways."

Tynee A. Sims, Class of 2007

"The University of Michigan-Flint allowed me to grow personally and intellectually. I was able to not only be taught by amazing professors, but I was also mentored by these brilliant people. UM-Flint allowed me to become a leader."


Robert Bement, Class of 1988

Recently retired from the U.S. Air Force after over 27 years of military service, Bob credits his University of Michigan-Flint education, and the mentorship of the English Department’s Fred Svoboda and Tom Foster, for giving him an edge over his military colleagues.