Welcome to UM-Flint Anthropology

Anthropology is the study of all that makes us human. It is a very broad field that uses methods and approaches from four sub-fields: archeology, biology, culture, and linguistics. By exploring and comparing all aspects of human life, we make diversity visible.

Through anthropology, we discover the impact of historical moments and social context. We learn that things are not the way they always have been—and that they will be different in the future!


Students of anthropology at UM-Flint will develop the concepts and tools they need to think about the world anthropologically. We explore the uses and limitations of concepts such as culture, kinship, and economy for making comparisons across societies.

We offer opportunities to learn archeological field methods, often through firsthand experiences, to help you better understand regional human history. We delve into the ways in which different societies have understood and organized race, gender, and sexuality. We examine current social problems and the dynamics of social change.

Our faculty expertise, combined with our location in Flint, provides opportunities for unique learning experiences. Recently, our students have participated in the recovery and return of Native American remains found within Flint’s city limits. Future opportunities include a course on food systems and cultures in Flint, and the possibility of traveling to Indonesia to explore religion and public life.

Our program gives you access to the richness of both southeast Michigan and the broader world.


Each opportunity at UM-Flint will help you develop critical thinking, analytical skills, and anthropological habits of mind. You will learn the value of working with others, and working ethically and effectively with those you study. We hope to enrich your life and provide tools to advance your personal and professional goals. All while fostering the collaborative ethic that is at the heart of anthropology.

Studying anthropology will initiate you into a broad conversation about being human—a conversation that explores the most important social and political questions of our day.

Join us and consider the varied possibilities of being human!