Name of the collection: Anthony Mansour Arab-American Collection   
Inclusive years: 1984-2004
Quantity: 3 linear feet
ACQUISITION: The collection (donor no. 257) was given to the Genesee Historical Collections in May 1997 and August 2005.
ACCESS: There are no restrictions on access to this collection.
PHOTOGRAPHS: 17 photographs were removed and will be cataloged separately.  The collection itself contains many digitally scanned and photocopied photographs.
PROCESSED BY: Paul Gifford, July 2011   


Anthony Mansour, born in Palestine, came to Flint as a young child in 1927.  For many years he had a law practice in Flint.  In the 1990s, he began to interview elderly Arab-Americans of Flint, which he recorded on audio and videotape.  After 1997, under the auspices of the American Arab Heritage Council and later, with the aid of a research grant from the Ruth Mott Foundation, he undertook a more formal project.  The result was The Peddler to Merchant Generation:  Our Arab American Pioneers (for the American Arab Heritage Council, 2004).


This collection consists primarily of interviews (on cassette tape, videotape, and DVD disks) Mansour conducted with members of the Flint-area Arab-American community.  Individual Arabs began to come to Flint in the 1890s, and by 1903 had started applying for U.S. citizenship.  Immigration continued into the years of the quota system, and by the 1920s, Flint had a “Little Syria” neighborhood, near the Buick complex, as well as individual homes throughout the city, mostly connected to the stores they ran.  The earliest immigrants were peddlers, and they soon opened groceries, although some worked in the automobile factories.  The community was diverse.  The earliest immigrants appear to have been Muslims from Damascus; they subsequently returned.  Most of the ones who stayed in Flint wereMaronites and Druze from villages in Lebanon and Orthodox from Palestine (mainly Nazareth), as well as some Catholics from Palestine.  The generation born in Flint prospered, many working in the professions and in retail business.

In addition to interviews, the collection contains copies of photographs, documents, genealogies, and miscellaneous items.  The copies may be both photocopies and scans on disks. 

Related collections include the Hani Bawardi Papers and the James Albee Papers.


This collection is organized by format and then alphabetically.




     Alex, John, family

Alick, Sam, family

     Brackett, Shaker, family

     Deibis family

     Essa family

     Farah family

     Faris family

     Ferris, Joseph, family

     Ferris brothers

     Gantos, Anton

     Gantos, Shafik

     Gazell family

     Haddad family

     Hamady family

     Hamo family

     Holaly, Nick, family

     Igram family

     Isaac family

     Jarou family

     Joseph family

     Kelush, Nafe, family

     Khouri family

     Macksood family

     Mansour, Abdullah, family

     Maroun family

     Mattar family

     Monsour, Issa, family

     Mukdsi family

     Nickola family

     Okal, William and Lena

     Rasak family

     Rizik family

     Romley family

     Saab, Ghassan

     Salim family

     Saseen family

     Sefa family

     Shaheen families

     Shaker family

     Shemes family

     Skaff family

     Sob family

     Sobe family

     Solomon family

     Tabit family

     Thomas family

     Zerka family

     Gift agreements


DISKS (CDs and DVDs)


          Bomorra  (DVD)

          Deibis, Violet   (DVD)
          Essa family (DVD)

Farah, Vera – audio (CD)

Ferris, Joseph, Feb. 26, 2003 (DVD)

Hamady, Roy and Ernest (DVD)

Holaly, Nick, Apr. 8, 2002   (DVD)

Joseph, Matilda, no picture at her request   (DVD)

          Kelush, James, Apr. 2, 2003   (DVD)

          Marino, Mary Romley  (DVD)

          Monsour, Dr. Roger, long leader  (DVD)

          Rasak, George, Mar. 1, 2003   (DVD)

          Sob, Nadia  (DVD)

     Scans of family photographs and similar items

           Alick, Sam, family

           Brackett, Thomas; Jalbout men

           Zerka market

           Deibis family (no. 52)

           Farah family

           Farah, Vera (no. 50) (original on JVC DV tape)

           Ferris, John, and George Faris

           Gantos, Anton

           Hamady family (no. 54)

           Hamady, Kamol, photos

           Hamady family photos

           Hamady, Jack, 1985

          Hamady, Ted

           Holaly family

           Joseph family

Joseph, Dr. Michael; copy of original cassette, Jan. 11, 1985

           Kalush/Kelush photos

                (1 of 3)

                (2 of 3)

                (3 or 3)

           Khouri, Ed, interview

           Khouri-Farah family photos

                (1 of 2)

                (2 of 2)

           Mansour family phots

           Maroun family photos

           Monsour family photos

           Nickola, John, interview, Sept. 23, 2002

           Rasak family photos

           Romley family

           Salim family

           Saseen family

           Tabit photos, July 16, 2003

           Thomas family

           Zerka family



CASSETTE TAPES (interviews)

     Alex, Thomas, July 3, 2002

     Alick, Ed, June 21, 2002

Farah, Farouz, interview by Christopher Mansour, Jan. 18, 1985

     Farah, Sam, Dec. 30, 1984

Gantos, Samir and Samira, Jan. 9, 1985; Mansour, Albert, Jan. 15, 1995; interviews by Christopher Mansour

     Hamady, Theodore, Mar. 12, 2003

     Igram, Jameel, Jan. 5, 1985

Joseph, Dr. Michael, interview by Christopher Mansour, Jan. 11, 1985

     Khouri, John

     Lowe, Joanne Okal

     Macksood family; Urich, Joan, Feb. 25, 2003

     Mansour, Jim

           (1 of 2)

           (2 of 2)

     Maroun, Jim

     Maxwell, Mamie Alick

     Rizik, Michael B., Jan. 16, 1985

     Rizik, Michael, Jan. 8, 1985

     Salim, Fred

     Salim, Norman, family

Shaheen, John, interview by Christopher Mansour, Jan. 7, 1985

     Tabit, Irwin and Edward R.



Alick family:  Alick, Edward, Maxwell, Mamie, June 21, 2002

     Bomorra, Nadia

Brackett, Shaker, May 10, 2002; Maroun, Jim, July 26, 2002

     Farah, Farous (copy from audiotape)

     Farah, Sam

     Farah, Sam – tribute

Farah, Sam; Okal, Bill; Morning Star; Rizik, Mike, Sr.; Igram, Jameel; Farris, Mary; Okal, Lena

     Farah, Ted – World War II home movies

Farah, Ted – World War II home movies; Mansour, Al – home movies

     Faris family (Helen and Josephine), June 30, 2004

Faris, George, family, Burgess, Helen, Knight, Josephine

Faris, Joe, Aug. 6, 1995; Solomon, John; Farah, Vera; Mansour, T.

     Hamady, Elizabeth

     Hamady, Jack, August, 1997, October 1997

     Hamady, Kenneth, June 13, 2002

Hammo, George, Sept. 25, 2002; Mattar, Woody, Sept. 9, 2002

     Igram, Jameel

     Igram, Jameel, Jan. 5, 1985

Isaac, Daisy, Sept. 6, 2002; Thomas, Joseph and Phyllis, May 13, 2003

     Jamra, George, May 13, 2002

     Joseph, Sally, Sept. 27, 2002



     Kalush, Joe – home movies

     Mansour, Anthony J.

     Mansour, Joseph, June 26, 2002

Mansour, Theodore Paul, Mar. 1, 2003; Hamady, Sol, by Ernest and Roy Hamady

     Marino, Mary Romley, Oct. 28, 2002

Middle Eastern Festival; Joseph, Sally, July 29, 1991; Sophiea, Sylvia, Aug. 3, 1995

     Morning Star, Jan. 8, 1985; Rizik, Mike, Jan. 16, 1985

     Nassif, Jeanette, Apr. 10, 2003

     Nickola, John D.

     Rasak, George

Rasak, George, Apr. 1, 2003; Aremia, Frank, Oct. 22, 2003

     Rasak, George; Alex, Tom, July 3, 2002

     Saab, Ghassan, 2004

Saab, Ghassan, Mar. 13, 2003; Sobe, Emmett, by Harold Sobe

     Salim, Norman, famiy, by Norma and Ellis Salim

     Salim, Vickie Adado; Adado, Julia, July 26, 2002

     Sefa, Joseph, Sept. 16, 2002

     Shaheen, S. George, Aug. 22, 2002

     Shaker, Lewis Wayne, Apr. 18, 2002

     Skaff, Sept. 11, 1997

     Sob, Nadia

     Sobe, Harold, Nov. 7, 2002

     Soloman, Edward, Mar. 6, 2003

     St. George Senior Citizens’ Party

     Zerka, Dr. John