Labor History Project

Name of the collection: University of Michigan-Flint Labor History Project.
Inclusive years: 1974-1997 [bulk 1978-1985]
Quantity: 14 linear feet
ACQUISITION: This collection was transferred to the Genesee Historical Collections Center by donor no. 260.
ACCESS: There are no restrictions on access.
PHOTOGRAPHS: 96 prints and 51 transparencies were removed and cataloged separately.
PROCESSED BY: Paul Gifford, April 1998.


The General Motors Corporation Sit-Down Strike of 1936-1937 remains probably the most significant historical event which has taken place in Flint. Its success, in making the United Auto Workers the bargaining agent for the employees of General Motors Corporation, has been discussed in numerous studies of the labor wars of the 1930s and inspired several books on the strike itself. Sidney Fine's Sit-Down (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1969) resulted from a detailed analysis of archival sources and interviews, and Henry Kraus's The Many and the Few (1947) was an insider's account of one of the chief labor activists involved in the strike.

Nevertheless, a comprehensive oral history of the strike had not been accomplished by 1977, when Neil Leighton, Professor of Political Science at the University of Michigan-Flint, attended a summer seminar on the history of socialism at Duke University. Lawrence Goodwyn, Professor of History and Director of the Southern Oral History Project at Duke suggested to Leighton that an oral history of surviving Sit-Down Strike participants would make a valuable contribution to the field.

During the following academic year, Leighton and Kenneth B. West, Professor of History, who had developed a labor history course, cooperated to bring Goodwyn to the University of Michigan-Flint during the summer of 1978 to teach a course on oral history techniques, focusing on the rank-and-file sit-down veterans. Many interviews resulted from this class. Subsequently the project involved Nan Pendrell, an anthropologist and Burgess Fellow of Columbia University, and William Meyer, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Michigan-Flint.

The project, having received funding from various sources, began in a systematic way. Published and unpublished resources were identified and surveyed by Kenneth West, UAW locals were contacted, and publicity ensued. Potential interviewees, representing various groups, including pre-Sit-Down activists, Sit-Down strikers themselves, strike supporters, strike opponents, government workers, and others, were identified by a thorough examination of sources and local outreach.

Interviews were conducted by the three principal investigators, and these form most of the First Series of interviews. A Second Series consists of interviews made by students in "Exploring Community History" (History 392/Political Science 394), taught by Nan Pendrell. The purpose of the class was to teach interviewing and the process involved in oral history. Some of the interviews in this series were of Sit-Down Strike participants, but most involved people who had nothing to do with the strike.

The Project continued past the 50th anniversary of the strike in 1987, although most active interviewing had ceased by that date. A Labor Theatre Project (active 1986-1987), under the direction of members in the Theatre Department, used the interviews as sources for its script.

Scope and Content

The Labor History Project collection consists primarily of tapes and transcripts of interviews with people who experienced the Sit-Down Strike.  In addition, there are tapes and some transcripts of people on many different topics, primarily on their work, which were made by students in the "Exploring Community History" class in the early 1980s.  The collection also documents the process by which interviewees were selected.  It contains photocopies of articles and archival materials concerning not only the Sit-Down Strike and General Motors, but other labor issues and topics relating to Flint during the 1930s.

 The Subject Files consist of folders on individual persons, and the information in each folder generally consists of the person's name, source of information, and activity during the strike.

 The First Series of interviews consists of transcripts (with a corresponding series of cassette tapes) of people involved in one way or other with the Sit-Down Strike.  These include some of the leaders, such as Robert Travis, Bud Simons, Genora Johnson, Henry Kraus, which tend to be extensive.  Most of the other interviews are of rank-and-file workers who participated in the strike.  Other interviews were conducted with individuals such as plant supervisors and foremen like Ed Balius and Ingvald Bjaland, Communist activists like William Weinstone and Stanley Nowak, policemen like Wilburn Legree and Victor Basinski, and realtor Gerald Healy, who had been a member of the anti-strike Flint Alliance.  There are also some interviews with individuals who sat in at Standard Cotton Products, an automotive supplier in Flint, soon after the big strike.

 The typical questions ask about the 1930 and 1934 Fisher Body strikes, conditions in the plants before the strike, knowledge of union organizing activity, participation in the sit-down strike itself, knowledge of Communist or radical participation, the AFL/CIO split in the UAW ranks, the committeeman system, and UAW politics until World War II.  Interviewees usually discuss their personal origins and how they were first hired by General Motors Corporation. Some interviews touch on local attitudes to unionism and the strike, such as in schools and in churches, relations among workers, ethnic topics, migration of workers from Missouri and elsewhere, and more.

 The Second Series consists of interviews made by students for the class "Exploring Community History."  Interviewees range from the age of about twenty to very elderly individuals.  Some of the topics are historical in nature, but many or most deal with current attitudes toward work.  For specific topics, see the list of tapes.

 Subject access to the interviews might be aided with the partial indexing found in the folder "Indexing," in Box 5.

For examples of the taped interviews used at a website intended for secondary school use, see The Flint Sit-Down Strike Audio Gallery (at


        Project statement, proposal, plan of work
        Memoranda, 1975-1982
                General, 1978-1984
                Kraus, Henry, 1978-1982
        Book prospectus, 1980
        Conference paper - "The Use of Oral History in the Study of an
          Urban Labor Insurgency," by Neil Leighton and William J. Meyer, 1982
        Responses to Flint Journal article, 1980
        Labor history tour

        Decision of Judge Paul V. Gadola
        Genesee County Circuit Court - Injunctions, 1937
        Bentley Historical Library - Michael Gorman Papers
        Lilly Library - Powers Hapgood Papers
        National Archives
                RG 9
                RG 46, SEN 78A-F9, Boxes 121-126
                RG 69
                RG 215, Office of Community War Services
                RG 280, Records of the Federal Mediation and
                        Conciliation Service
        Labor dispute case files concerning Flint,  
        Letters concerning Sit-Down Strike
        Unspecified record groups
        Reuther Library, Wayne State University
                Kraus Papers
                        Boxes 8-9
                        Boxes 10-11
                        Box 16 and unidentified
                UAW General Executive Board minutes
                Oral histories
                Caroline Stearns letters, 1937-1938
                        (1 of 2)
                        (2 of 2)
        Franklin D. Roosevelt Library - Harry L. Hopkins
          Papers - FERA Papers, Box 58
        Francis O'Rourke diary, 1936-1937
        Senate Education and Labor Subcommittee hearings on labor 
                espionage at GM, 1937
        Articles and book excerpts
        I.M.A. News articles, 1937
        Community studies of Flint and Genesee County, 1930s
        Flint Board of Education minutes, 1936-1937
        Notes on Norman Bully's career
        Chronologies, lists of strikes
        News clippings, 1934-1937
        Standard Cotton Products
                Thrasher, John - correspondence, 1981-1982
        News clippings, 1978-1982

        Anderson, John - untitled, on UAW history
        Davis, Donald F.  "Urban Entrepreneurs and the Metropolitan 
          Center," 1981
        Edsforth, Ronald.  "Divergent Traditions:  Union Organization in
           the Automobile Industries of  Flint, Michigan and Coventry,
        Rice, Jack B.  "Unionism and the Sit-Down Strike in Flint against General Motors Corporation, Dec. 30, 1936 to
             Feb. 11, 1937"
        Tobin, Eugene M.  "Academics and Insurgents: Brookwood Labor
          College, 1921-1933"
        West, Kenneth B.  "How General Motors Organized the United
          Automobile Workers Union"

        Local 659, Larry Jones, 1959-1961
        Song sheets
        Howard Foster BBC interview, 1975
        40th anniversary of Sit-Down Strike, 1977
        50th anniversary of Sit-Down Strike, 1987

        Floppy disks of transcriptions

        First Series (Sit-Down Strike)
                Ahearn, Fred (striker at Fisher 2), 1978
                Aldred, Ruth (Mrs. Jerry) (wife of strike leader at Fisher 1), 1980
                Balius, Ed (supervisor at Fisher 1), 1988
                Banta, Hadley (policeman), 1978
                Basinski, Victor (policeman), 1978
                Batz, Sidney (striker at Fisher 1), 1978
                Bemis, Ray (worker at Chevrolet 6), no date
                Bennett, Ira (striker at Fisher 2), no date
                Bergslie, Peter (striker at Fisher 1), 1979
                Besson Hendricks Martin, Nellie (Women’s Emergency Brigade member), 1978
                Bjaland, Ingvald, and O'Hara, James (supervisors at Fisher 1), 1980
                Blake, Orvel (striker at Fisher 1), 1980
                Boone, Ora (striker at Chevrolet 4), 1978
                Borski, Ben (striker at Fisher 1), 1980
                Breedlove, Robert (striker at Fisher 2), 1978
                Bully, Norman (Buick worker, UAW activist), 1980
                Burke, Michael and Cecile (publisher of Flint AFL newspaper), 1979
                Burr, Hubert ("Spyke") (worker at Chevrolet 8), 1978
                Care, Vincent (Buick worker, Flint Alliance member), no date
                Carver, Ellis (striker at Fisher 1), 1980
                Center, Marjorie Mikesell, 1988
                Chargo, Joe (worker at AC), 1986
                Chew, Milo (striker at Fisher 1), 1978
                Clark, Henry (black Buick foundry worker), 1979
                Coale, Elden (striker at Fisher 1), 1980
                Cole, John (worker at Chevrolet 6), no date
                Coleman, Ella (women’s auxiliary member), 1978
                Combs, Prince (black union organizer), 1979
                Connelly, Leo (striker at Chevrolet 4), 1980
                Connolly, William T. (striker at Fisher 2), 1980, 1990
                Crane, Cloyse (inspector at Fisher 2), 1980
                Crawford, Louise (worker at UAW office), 1980
                Cregar, Merrill (striker at Fisher 1), 1980
                Crompton, Earl (black worker at Chevrolet 4), 1978
                Date, Clifford (apprentice at Chevrolet), no date
                Devitt, Joe (striker at Fisher 1), 1978
                Doerfner, William H. (General Manager, Saginaw Steering Gear), 1978
                Dollinger, Genora Johnson (Socialist, wife of strike organizer and strategist, organizer of Women’s Emergency Brigade), 1978
                Dotson, J. D. (black Communist union organizer, in flying squadron), 1981
                Doyle, Robert, 1978
                Duncan, Basil (police stenographer), 1979
                Echard, Peggy and Melvin (AC worker, railroad employee), 1980
                Ehrlich, Ed (striker at Fisher 2), 1978
                Evanoff, Lenka and Kosta (Macedonian leftist bakers, member of Women’s Emergency Brigade), 1979
                Evanoff, Michael (lawyer), 1978
                Evanoff, Michael, 1984
                Evans, Robert (striker at Chevrolet 4), 1980
                Featherstone, Mamie (mother of striker), 1980
                Fineberg, Esther (teacher), 1978
                Fish, Hy (Socialist Party organizer), 1975
                Fleischman, Harry (Socialist Party organizer), 1979
                Foster, Shirley (teacher, wife of organizer in Chevrolet 4), 1979
                Fry, Joe (striker at Fisher 1), 1979
                Funk, Frank (worker at Buick), 1979
                Gadola, Ann (wife of judge), 1978
                Gage, Russell (striker at Chevrolet 4), 1978
                Gancscos, Louis, Sr. (striker at Fisher 1), 1980
                Genske, William (striker at Fisher 1), 1978; 198-
                Gibbs, Robert (striker at Fisher 1), 1980
                Gillan, Otis K. (striker at Chevrolet 4), 1978
                Handa, Mary (Women’s Emergency Brigade member), 1978
                Harbin, Dorothy (worker at AC), 1980
                Harris, Hugh Albert ("Bert") (union organizer, Fisher 1 strike committee, UAW activist), 1979
                Hauer, Helen (worker at AC), 1978
                Havrilla, Andrew (striker at Chevrolet 4), 1980
                Hayward, Laura (worker at AC, union organizer), 1980
                Healy, Gerald F. (realtor, member of Flint Alliance), 1979
                Hendricks, Cecil (striker at Fisher 1), 1978, 1980
                Holland, Ray (worker at Chevrolet 2, member of strikers’ security force), 1978
                Howell, Ira and Lena (worker at Fisher 1), 1978
                Hubbard, Earl (striker at Standard Cotton Products), 1980
                Humphrey, James E. (striker at Standard Cotton Products), 1980
                Japinga, Martin (National Guard officer), 1980
                Jason, Charles E. (striker at Chevrolet 4), 1978
                Jones, Archie (union organizer at AC), 1979
                Jones, Lawrence (striker at Chevrolet 4), 1978
                Jordan, Francis (striker at Chevrolet 4), 1980
                Killinger, Charlie (Communist union organizer and Buick foundry worker), 1979
                King, Irving (striker at Fisher 1), 1980
                King, Vincent (striker at Fisher 1), 1978, 1980
                Klasey, Tom and Bob (union organizer, strike leader at Chevrolet 9, and his son), 1979
                Knotts, Roy (striker at Fisher 1), 1980
                Komar, Steve (striker at Fisher 1), no date
                Kraus, Henry and Dorothy (publisher of Flint Auto Worker), 1982
                        (1 of 2)
                        (2 of 2)
                LaRose, Adlore (National Guard member and inspector at Chevrolet 4), 1978
                Larson, Elsie (Mrs. Hans) (wife of striker at Fisher 2), 1980
                Lefler, Adolphus ("Bud") (striker at Chevrolet 8), 1980
                Legree, Wilburn (policeman), 1985
                Lien, Henry (leftist striker at Chevrolet 4), 1979
                Lischer, Clarence (striker at Fisher 1), 1980
                MacAlpine, Elmer "Red" (striker at Fisher 2), 1980
                MacGregor, Ben (striker at Chevrolet 10), 1980
                Malone, Ken (Communist striker at Fisher 1), 1978, 1986
                Malott, Bruce (striker at Fisher 1, UAW activist), 1979
                Mamero, Robert (striker at Fisher 2, received gunshot), 1980
                Markanovich, Victor (striker at Fisher 1), 1980
                McCall, Anna (high school student, wife of GM press liaison), 1978
                McCann, John (striker at Fisher 1, sound car captain), 1978
                McNee, Sheldon (striker at Fisher 1), 1978
                Miles, Harry (owner of machine tool business), 1978
                Moon, Truly (Mrs. Rollin) (wife of 1930 striker and union organizer), 1979
                Moran, Jim (striker at Fisher 1), 1978
                Morley, Gus (striker at Chevrolet 4), 1979
                Motter, Francis William (striker at Fisher 2), 1980
                Mundale, Maynard ("Red") (strike leader at Fisher 2), 1980
                Nelson, Gorden (striker at Chevrolet 4),  1980
                Nightingale, Mary (cook for Fisher 1 strikers), 1978
                Nowak, Stanley and Margaret (Polish-American Communist labor organizer, lectured in Flint), 1979
                Olay, Andrew J. (striker at Fisher 1), 1980
                O'Rourke, Harold Patrick (Catholic unionist and striker at Chevrolet 4), 1978
                Palmer, Francis ("Jack") (union activist and worker at Chevrolet 3), 1978
                Parish, Delia (women’s auxiliary member and wife of striker), 1978
                Parker, Ralph (striker at Fisher 1), 1980 (2 interviews)
                Parks, Ralph (striker at Fisher 1), 1978
                Patterson, Beatrice (wife of striker at Fisher 1, served strikers at her dairy bar), 1980
                Pelton, Frances E. (striker at Chevrolet 4), 1978
                Pichotte, Elizabeth (worker at AC, wife of striker at Fisher 2), 1980
                Reider, Alexander (striker at Chevrolet 4), 1980
                Rich, Roscoe (striker at Fisher 2), 1978
                Ricks, Grant O. (striker at Chevrolet 8), 1980
                Robinson, Emerson (striker at Fisher 1), 1980
                Robinson, Leo (striker at Fisher 2), 1980
                Rose, Gilbert and Floyd (organizer, striker at Chevrolet, UAW official), 1979
                Schiller, Joseph (Jewish clothing store owner), 1978
                Scobey, Maurice (striker at Standard Cotton Products), 1980
                Severance, Robert (striker at Fisher 1), 1980
                Severin, John (striker at Fisher 1), 1978
                Shinn, Chuck (worker at Buick after strike, Communist), 1981
                Simmons, Orvel ((striker at Chevrolet), 1980
                Simons, Bud and Hazel (union organizer, Communist, strike leader at Fisher 1), 1978
                Skunda, Andrew (striker at Fisher 1), 1980
                Skunda, Joseph (brother of strikers, high school student), 1980
                Smith, Arthur (striker at Fisher 1, Communist), 1980
                Snyder, Marian O’Rourke (Mrs. Robert) (wife of striker at Fisher 2, sister of strike leader), 1978
                Speckman, William (worker at Buick), 1980
                Spohn, James (striker at Fisher 1), 1980
                Stier, John (striker at Fisher 1), 1980
                Tadrick, Lawrence (striker at Fisher 1), 1980
                Taylor, Albert (striker at Chevrolet 4), 1980
                Torok, Frank (striker at Fisher 1), 1981
                Townsend, Roger (black Buick worker), 1979
                Transue, Andrew J. (U.S. Congressman, Democrat), 1978
                Travis, Bob (chief UAW organizer in Flint and strike strategist); also Charlie Kramer (Communist organizer) and Rudi Miller (leader of 1936-37 strike at Fisher Body, Coit Road, Cleveland, Ohio) , 1978
                        (1 of 2)
                        (2 of 2)
                VanEtten, Victor (striker at Fisher 1), 1979
                Vowel, Charles (striker at Chevrolet), 1981
                Weinstone, William (Communist Party intellectual, observer of strike), 1979
                White, Charles (striker at Fisher 1), 1978
                Zink, Raymond A. (striker at Chevrolet 4), 1980
        Second series (Interviews by students for classes)
                Ananich, James D. (Ombudsman, City of Flint), 1983
                Arredondo, Arthur (migrant farm laborer, 1958-1966), 1986
                Baker, Oscar W. (black lawyer of Bay City), 1982
                Bannister, Annalea Raymond (black Flint native, born in 1924), 1983
                Beach, Edith (reminiscences of Sit-Down Strike as a 13-yearo-old in Davison), 1980
                Beauchesne, Arthur (Flint resident, Chevrolet and AC employee), 1984
                Beecher High School alumni and students
                Bennett, Mike (president of UAW Local 326), 1982
                Blair, Hattie Stewart (black nurse, born in 1923)
                Bloodworth, Ralph (retired Fisher Body, Grand Blanc, employee)
                Bob (23-year-old factory worker), 1982
                Bommarito, Irene (social worker working with alcoholism), 1982
                Brackett, Shaker (Lebanese-American Flint native), 1982
                Brandon, Bill (striker at Fisher 1, 1936-1937), 1984
                Brown, Mike (Director of Community Development, City of Flint), 1992
                Bruce, Robert L. (current UAW issues), 1982
                Brunell, Louis (worker at Fisher 2, 1933-1967), 1982
                Buck, Robert (Grand Trunk Railroad employee since 1952), 1982
                Buckner, Boyce (black resident of Flint since 1934), 1980
                Burks, Reuben (Chairman, UAW Region 1-C), 1981
                Busch, Margaret (AC employee from 1942), 1982
                Carter, Robert M. (child during Sit-Down Strike), 1983
                Cleaves, Fran (Public Relations Co-Chairperson, Committee to Promote Full UAW Employment), 1983
                Clifford, Mr. and Mrs. William; Boa, Mrs. Harold (early residents of Civic Park area)
                Connolly, William T. (Sit-Down striker); Sly, Arthur C. (worker at Chevrolet 5 during Sit-Down Strike); Payne,                 Wilbert J., AC worker, 1941-1974); Connolly, John (toolmaker at Chevrolet, brother of William), 1990
                Cook, Thomas S. (GM worker since 1977), 1982
                Crear, George, III (black Flint schoolteacher), 1984
                Csapo, Eula (Hungarian-American resident of Flint), 1982
                Curry, J. C. (black Baptist pastor), 1980
                Dean, Max (lawyer), 1982
                Deane, Richard G. (reminiscences of Sit-Down Strike as teenager), 1984
                Devitt, Joe (Sit-Down striker), 1982
                Donnelly, Genevieve S. (Fisher 1 employee, 1930s-1940s), 1992
                Dover, James T., Jr. (black native of South Bend, Indiana, born 1927, came to Flint in 1947)
                Drlik, John (Chevrolet employee from 1926), 1984
                Dunn, David (current tinsmith apprentice at GM)
                Edwards, John (black resident of Flint since 1918), 1980
                Evanoff, Michael (lawyer), 1984
                Foster, Shirley (teacher, union activist since 1930s), 1985
                Fotenakes, Eleanor (GM employee from 1942)
                Freese, Dale (Flint native, born in 1927), 1982 
                Frye, Christopher (director at WJRT-Channel 12), 1992
                Genske, William (Sit-Down striker), no date
                Gillespie, Fred L. (black Mississippi native, resident of Flint since 1925), 1982
                Green, Charles (striker at Fisher 1), 1982
                Green, Elmer K. (product engineer at Buick, 1942-1976)
                Hansmeyer, Marie (worker at AC, 1943-1973), 1985
                Hargrove, Joy (Saginaw civic activist), 1983
                Haveman, Elvira (worker at Ternstedt), 1985
                Holmquist, Tom (wokert at Chevrolet from 1968), 1982
                Holt, Edgar (NAACP and civil rights activist), 1982
                Holt, Lois (black teacher in Flint), 1984, 1985
                Hughes, Michael (deputy principal, Mott Adult High School, from 1970), 1984
                Husted, Vera Cook (Holly resident since 1896), 1984
                Jacobs, Jonathan (pastor, Salem Lutheran Church), 1984
                Jacobs, Suzanne E. (Citizens Bank employee and union organizer), 1984
                Jennings, Barbara (librarian at Baker Junior College), 1982
                Johnson, Ralph (autoworker from 1942), 1984
                Johnson, Vora (Flint U-Haul Company and Flint out-migration), 1981
                Jones, H. E. (worker at Chevrolet 10 during Sit-Down Strike), 1984
                Kay, Frederick N. (29-year-old AC employee), 1984
                Keith, Bob (Sit-Down striker at Fisher 1)
                Kosal, Dorothy (Flint resident, born in 1929), 1984
                Krill, Roscoe (Buick worker, 1936-1963)
                Kronick, Maxine (Flint Jewish life), 1984
                Leyton, David S. (Flint lawyer since 1975), 1984
                Lindstrom, John (Swedish immigrant in 1923), 1983
                Long, Floyd (1969 teachers’ strike in Fenton), 1982
                Lorenz, Henry, 1982 (Sit-Down striker in Fisher 1)
                Loving, Alvin (first black UM-Flint professor), 1982
                Malone, Kenneth (Sit-Down striker), 1983, 1984, 1992
                Matthews, Gerald (member, Genesee County Planning Commission), 1984
                McCarty, John T. (Sit-Down striker at Chevrolet), 1984
                McMullen, Kenneth and Hazel (Flint residents born in 1913 and 1916), 1984
                Meeks, Ralph (high school teacher from 1922)
                Meyer, Legor (Flint autoworker, 1937-1968), 1982
                Mollay, Mary Ellen (about Fr. Norman DuKette), 1992
                Moore, Mabel (schoolteacher, 1928-1971), 1986
                Moran, John Henry (AC worker from 1929), 1984
                Neito, Valerio, Jr. (childhood of Mexican-American of Saginaw and Texas), 1983
                Nelson, Phyllis (Chevrolet employee from 1942), 1985
                Nettles, Bernice (black Flint resident since 1955), 1984 
                Neuhard, Tom (Flint teacher and union activist), 1983
                Neville, Ernest J. (worker at Chevrolet, 1931-1965), 1983
                Parker, George D. (broadcast engineer at WHMF), 1980
                Parmelee, Freda (Flint high school teacher from 1930), 1980
                Peake, Julie (sexual discrimination at K-Mart), 1983#
                Perkins, Frank (Sit-Down striker)
                Perry, Evalyne (AC worker from 1930), 1982
                Petrushka, Ed (assistant principal, Fenton High School, concerning Fention Education Association), 1982
                Powell, Donna (assistant manager, Sears Surplus), 1984
                Princinsky, Olimpia (Italian-born Flint resident since 1915 and autoworker)
                Read, Charles (Sit-Down striker at Chevrolet 4), 1984
                Resteiner, Harold (Genesee County Probate Court judge), 1983
                Robb, Rev. Alfred L. C. (black Baptist pastor), 1981
                Robbins, Wanda (Ternstedt employee, 1953-1979), 1985
                Roth, Bob (Quality of Work Life Coordinator, UAW, Local 599), 1982
                Roy, Charles (GM employee from 1959), 1982
                Russell, Gladys M. (wife of English immigrant autoworker and union activist in 1930s)
                Sedlak, Walter (AC employee from 1933), 1981
                Shook, Bert D. (Chevrolet employee from 1946), 1982
                Shook, Douglas E. (railroad work in Durand), 1983
                Smith, Elder Calvin (black AC employee, 1930s), 1982
                Steele, Dr. Marilyn (program officer, Mott Foundation), 1983
                Stroup, Dr. Clayton (Chevrolet plant physician, 1930s), 1984
                Talbot, Joseph N. (Buick and Chevrolet employee from 1916), 1984
                Townsend, Roger (black Buick worker 1934-1969, union activist and politician), 1980
                Truckin, John (skilled trades committeeman, UAW Local 599), 1983
                Van Zandt, Ruth, 1983, 1985 (black teacher)
                Varner, Sybil (AC employee from 1944)
                Vincent, Harry and Lillian (residents of Lapeer County since 1910s),  1984
                Washington, Barbara (GM employee since 1973), 1992
                Wiggins, Otis (unemployed 26-year-old black Flint resident), 1984
                Wilson, Jim (Chevrolet employee from 1964), 1986
                Wright, Mrs. Frances (Saginaw resident from 1908), 1992
                Yaklin, Neil (Sit-Down striker at Chevrolet), 1982
                Yettaw, Dave (committeeman, Buick Final Assembly, and union activist), 1983
                Zimmer, James (Flint lawyer)
                Release forms from interviewees
                Interview agendas
                Lists of potential interviewees
                Notes on transcripts and tapes
                Clippings and other information concerning interviewees,
                Unfinished business

        Card file of potential interviewees
        Subjects interviewed
                Adams, Ed
                Ahearn, Fred
                Aldred, Mrs. Jerry (Ruth)
                Basinski, Victor
                Batz, Sid
                Bemis, Roy
                Bennett, Ira
                Bergslee, Peter
                Besson, Nellie & L. C.
                Bjaland, Ingvald
                Blake, Orvel
                Boone, Ora
                Borski, Benny
                Breedlove, Robert
                Bully, Norman
                Burke, Michael
                Burr, Hubert "Spyke"
                Care, Vincent J.
                Carver, Ellis
                Chew, Milo
                Clark, Henry
                Coale, Elden
                Cole, John
                Coleman, Ella
                Combs, Prince
                Connelly, William T.
                Crane, Cloyse
                Cregar, Merrill
                Crompton, Earl
                Date, Clifford
                Devitt, Joe
                Doerfner, W. H.
                Dollinger, Genora (Johnson)
                Dotson, J. D.
                Doyle, Robert
                Draper, Viven
                Duncan, Basil
                Echard, Peggy
                Erlich, Ed
                Evanoff, Kosta and Lenka
                Evanoff, Michael and Genevieve
                Evans, Robert
                Featherstone, Mamie
                Fineberg, Esther
                Fish, Hy
                Fleishman, Harry
                Foster, Howard and Shirley
                Fry, Joe
                Funk, Frank
                Gadola, Ann
                Gage, Russell
                Galipeau, Marion
                Gancsos, Louis, Sr.
                Gebo, Lloyd
                Genske, William
                Gibbs, Robert
                Gillette, Evelyn
                Gillan, Otis
                Handa, Mary
                Harbin, Dorothy
                Harris, Hugh A. "Bert"
                Hauer, Helen
                Havrilla, Andrew
                Hayward, Laura
                Healy, Gerald
                Hendricks, Cecil
                Holland, Ray
                Howell, Ira
                Howell, Lena
                Hubbard, Earl
                Humphrey, James
                Japingh, Martin
                Jason, Charles E.
                Jones, Archie and Leona
                Jones, Lawrence
                Jones, Milton and Thelma
                Jordan, Francis
                Joseph, Matilda
                Keech, Walter
                Killinger, Charles
                King, Irving
                King, Vincent
                Klacey, Tom
                Knotts, Roy
                Komar, Steve, Sr.
                LaRose, Adlore
                Larson, Hans, Mrs.
                Lefler, Adolphus "Bud"
                Lefler, Frances
                Lien, Henry
                Lischer, Clarence
                Loisell, Paul G.
                McAlpine, Elmer "Red"
                McCall, Hanna
                McCann, John
                McDonald, Colin J.
                MacGregor, Ben H.
                McNe, Sheldon
                Malone, Ken
                Malott, Bruce
                Mamero, Robert
                Markanovich, Victor
                Miles, Harry, Sr.
                Mitchell, Irene
                Moon, Rollin S., Mrs.
                Moran, Jim
                Morley, Gus
                Motter, Francis William
                Mundale, Maynard "Red"
                Nelson, Gordon
                Nightengale, Mary
                Novak, Stanley and Margaret
                Olay, Andrew J.
                O'Rourke, Harold "Pat"
                Palmer, Francis R. "Jack"
                Parish, Delia
                Park, Ralph
                Parker, Ralph
                Patterson, Beatrice
                Pelton, Francis
                Pichotte, Elizabeth
                Pora, Lottie
                Reider, Alexander
                Rich, Roscoe
                Ricks, Grant O.
                Riegle, Marie
                Robinson, Emerson
                Robinson, Leo
                Root, Floyd
                Rose, Floyd and Evelyn
                Rose, Gilbert and Mary
                Schiller, Joseph
                Schmitz, Peter J.
                Scobey, Maurice
                Severance, Robert
                Severin, John
                Simmons, Orvel
                Simons, B. A. "Bud"
                Sipes, Merle
                Skunda, Andrew
                Skunda, Joseph N.
                Smelser, Bruce
                Smith, Arthur
                Snyder, Robert, Mrs.
                Speckman, William
                Spohn, James
                Stier, John
                Tadrick, Lawrence
                Taylor, Albert
                Torok, Frank
                Townsend, Roger
                Transue, Andrew J.
                Travis, Bob and Helen
                Van Etten, Vick
                Vowel, Charles
                Washburn, Howard
                Weinstone, William
                White, Charlie
                Woodard, Ben
                Yorko, John
                Zink, Raymond A.

        Subjects not interviewed
                Abell, Paul
                Adams, Florence
                Adams, Pete
                Addis, Clifford
                Alberts, Joe
                Alberts, Leo
                Alger, Russell
                Allen, Leo
                Allen, Walter
                Andrews, Sim
                Apell, Lillian
                Armstrong, Wayne
                Asbury, Herman
                Aud, Raymond
                Augustine, Elmo
                Austin, James
                Babalek, John
                Bacon, Ronald
                Bair, Walter C.
                Bakunin, Tom
                Balasko, John
                Baldwin, Steven
                Balla, Anna
                Baraty, Louis
                Barnes, Arthur T.
                Barnhart, Earl
                Barry, Cletus
                Barton, Fred
                Bauer, Stanley
                Beach, Alfred H.
                Beach, Henry
                Beagle, Charles E.
                Bell, Art
                Bell, Dan
                Bell, Daniel
                Benedict, John
                Bennet, Wilbur "Gabby"
                Benson, Floyd
                Benway, Fred
                Berdan, Lloyd
                Berrigan, Joe
                Berry, Everett
                Bertram, Leslie
                Beuerle, Clarence
                Bigelow, Harold S.
                Blankenship, Mrs.
                Blasdell, Merlin A.
                Blaski, Art
                Blevins, John
                Bloomfield, Emerson
                Bohl, John
                Boland, Leo
                Bolerjack, Robert K.
                Bondarenko, Sam
                Boone, Amos
                Boone, Roy
                Boor, Marshall
                Bosh, Eugene
                Boyle, Ruth
                Boysen, George
                Braden, Carl
                Brader, Levada (Cobbs)
                Brady, William W.
                Brandes, James
                Brannon, James
                Breese, Victor C.
                Broadway, Odell
                Brooks, Charlie
                Brooks, Charles V.
                Brown, Angus
                Brown, Archie M. G.
                Brown, Norma
                Brown, Ray
                Brown, S.
                Brubaker, Jess
                Buchanan, Johnson
                Bully, Rosemary
                Buoris, Amos
                Burek, Peter
                Burns, Dale
                Burns, Larry
                Burns, Michael
                Burnside, F. A.
                Burrows, Earnest
                Buytas, Joseph
                Campbell, Albert W.
                Campbell, Paul
                Campbell, Richard P.
                Carey, Sue
                Carpenter, Plez
                Carter, Nick
                Carter, Ross W.
                Center, Melvin
                Center, Thelma
                Check, Merle
                Chism, Bobbie (Lacey)
                Christ, Steve
                Christenson, Berton
                Christenson, Henry
                Christmas, Louis
                Church, Harold
                Church, Les
                Cittenden, Floyd
                Claffey, Art
                Clark, Gil
                Clark, LeRoy
                Clark, Maude
                Clifford, Conn L.
                Cohune, Ernest
                Cole, Elmer "Cap"
                Cole, Ted
                Coleman, Lee Roy
                Coleman, Paul, Rev.
                Common, Chris
                Connelly, Leo
                Como, Adlore
                Cook, Edith
                Cooper, Charlie
                Cooper, William
                Coote, Pat
                Couch, Charlie
                Couch, Ernest
                Cox, Edgar
                Cox, Lee
                Cox, Lincoln
                Cox, Sam
                Craft, Morley
                Creekmore, Ira
                Cronkright, C.
                Cronk, Ed
                Cunningham, Doug
                Dahlberg, John
                Dail, Frank
                Dale, Ralph
                Daly, Leo
                Davey, Ken
                Davis, Ray
                Delaney, Jack
                Delaney, Louis
                DeMinor, Lewis T.
                Demjan, Pete
                Deschner, Rudolph
                DeVito, Joe
                Dewey, Alice
                Dexel, Ward
                Ditzel, Joe
                Dockery, Gerry and Theo
                Donnely, E. C.
                Dorris, Myrtle
                Dorris, Ulen
                DuBoyne, Mrs.
                Ducap, Clifford
                Ducap, Morley
                DuKette, Father
                Dunbar, Carl
                Duncan, Donald G.
                Dunlop, C. C.
                Durecki, Ed
                Eaton, Claire
                Early, Joe
                Easter, Reese
                Eckenroid, Lloyd
                Edwards, Herbert, Mrs.
                Eisenbeis, J. F.
                Elliott, Robert
                Emery, Shirley "Red"
                Escue, Earl
                Fain, Weldon
                Fellows, Renee
                Ferguson, George
                Ferguson, Hazel
                Fickes, James D.
                Fields, Kathleen
                Fischer, Chris
                Fisher, R. G.
                Flanagin, Glen
                Flores, Jose
                Forber, Ernie
                Forbes, Lawrence and Helen
                Ford, Glen
                Foster, Lester
                Fox, Mae (Mrs. Frank)
                Frederico, Alfred
                Freeman, Arliss
                Freeman, Leonard
                Freeman, Otis
                Gabury, Ed
                Geiger, Ed
                Gelles, Albert and Catherine "Babe"
                George, Bill
                Gibbs, Irene, Mrs.
                Gifford, Elvard
                Gifford, Gale
                Gillies, Howard and Elizabeth
                Goddard, Vernon
                Goff, Clarence and Edna
                Goodall, Charlie
                Goodman, Mrs.
                Goodrick, Lawrence
                Gordon, Floyd
                Gorman, Michael
                Gorring, Emiline
                Gorton, Spencer
                Gray, Harold A.
                Green, Byron
                Green, Eli and Charlie
                Green, Jay, Mrs.
                Green, Louise
                Griswold, Earl
                Grogarn, Robert
                Gulash, Hannah H.
                Gulash, Joe
                Gunnels, Eve
                Gustafson, Eleanor
                Gustafson, George
                Hackney, John
                Hale, Dallas
                Hall, Art
                Hall, Ed
                Hamlin, Walter
                Hammer, Charles
                Hanna, William C.
                Hannah, William
                Hanner, Leslie A.
                Hardy, Russell
                Harmon, Leon
                Hassman, C.
                Hatfield, Clarence
                Hatfield, Herman
                Hauer, Bernard
                Hawley, A.
                Hazel, Joe
                Heath, Tracy
                Heck, William and Thelma
                Heckox, Donald
                Heidebrecht, Lloyd
                Helmbray, Mr. and Mrs.
                Hendrix (Hendricks), Thomas
                Henry, Henry, Jr.
                Henry, Peter
                Herling, John
                Herrlich, Jack
                Hershberg, Sue, Rita, Sheri
                Herweyer, Clarence
                Higgs, Joe
                Higley, Howard
                Hill, Earl
                Hill, Valerie (Jones)
                Hill, Wilbur
                Hintz, Stanley and Lou
                Hodges, Betty
                Hodges, Estell
                Hodges, Roscoe "Stub"
                Hoffman, Jack
                Hoops, Ivan
                Hoose, Homer and Beulah
                Hoover, Evertt
                Hornung, Ed and Dot
                Horton, Ralph
                Hosmer, Robert
                Hovarth, Joe
                Hubbard, Harold
                Hubel, Cecil
                Huber, Larry
                Huggard, Emerson P.
                Hunt, Bob
                Hurry, James
                Hyke, William
                Hyzer, Alfred
                Jacobson, Edward
                Jay, Lesley
                Jobin, Clarence
                Johnson, Dan
                Johnson, Gene
                Johnson, Kermit
                Johnson, Lucille and Frank
                Johnson, Oscar
                Jones, Ivan
                Jones, Wimpie
                Jordan, Richard
                Kaiser, Louis
                Kashuba, Frank
                Keene, Bill
                Keene, Charles
                Keith, Bob
                Kelley, Edgar
                Kelly, Pearl
                Kemnitz, Milton
                Kennedy, T. O.
                Kenney, Caspar "Cap"
                Kettler, Bud
                Kidd, Dan
                Kidder, Red
                Kimball, Charles
                Kinnish, Frank
                Kish, William J
                Kiszka, Stanley
                Kitely, Rayce
                Koch, Peter
                Kontyko, Bill and Connie
                Kramer, Charles
                Kraska, Frank
                Kraus, Dorothy
                Kupres, William
                LaBorge, Earl
                Labrecque, Wilfred
                Lacey, Bobby
                LaDuke, Ted and Hester
                LaFay, Leonard
                LaGouerra, James
                Lalor, Jack
                Lambert, David J.
                Lane, Cecil
                Langdon, Harold
                Larsen, Frank
                Lee, Paul
                Legree, Wilbur
                Leitson, Mort
                Lesler, Clarence
                Less, Lee
                Lewis, A. Dale
                Lewis, George
                Lewis, Herman
                Lewis, Lester
                Lewis, Robert
                Liddell, Irene
                Lien, Edmund
                Linn, Earl V. and Celia
                Link, Arnold
                Little, Jack D.
                Lobb, Wilfred
                Lolson, C.
                Longman, E. H., Rev.
                Lozette, Levi
                Lucas, Herbert H.
                Lukes, John
                Lynch, C. J.
                Lynn, Lawrence
                McCarty, John T.
                McCauley, Lotus, Mrs.
                McConnell, Kennedy
                McCord, Charles
                McDowell, Floyd
                McDowell, William
                McGarry, Chris
                McGee, George
                McGill, John and Alice
                McIntyre, Robert
                McKeon, Vince
                McLaughlin, Claude
                McLean, Lester
                McMaster, Kenneth
                McSigue, Alvin
                MacDonald, Rod
                MacGillvary, Lawrence
                MacGregor, Hazel
                MacGregor, Louis
                Mabery, James and Marie
                Manley, Bruce
                Mann, Leslie
                Manners, Robert
                Maples, Nellie
                Marne, William J., Jr.
                Maroni, Sam
                Martin, Garnet
                Marvin, Gordon
                Matthews, Donald
                Mattson, Chester
                May, John
                Mayer, Nick
                Mayle, Lucille
                Mazek, Dan
                Mead, Laura Johnson
                Meadows, Cecil
                Mercier, Lawrence
                Metcalf, Art
                Meuer, Virgil
                Meyer, Paul
                Michael, Francis
                Middleton, Austin
                Miller, Alex
                Miller, Floyd Hoke
                Miller, George
                Milliman, Les
                Mills, Russell
                Minaudo, "Mac"
                Mintz, Shirley
                Misekow, Al
                Misekow, George
                Mittar, Roy
                Mohan, Clark
                Moore, Gertrude
                Morley, Orville
                Morsa, Roy
                Mortimer, Irma
                Moser, Charlie
                Mulanix, Casey
                Mulanix, Darl "Red"
                Mull, Leo
                Mullin, Gladys
                Mumo, Charlie
                Murphy, Francis
                Murphy, Robert
                Neiderhouse, John
                Nelpa, John
                Nestor, Genevieve
                Newrohr, Herman
                Nicholson, Roderick
                Nixon, Wilbur
                Nizial, Ann
                Nordstrom, Fred
                Norris, Clement
                Noteboom, Sharon
                Novak, Casper
                Novak, Frank, Mrs.
                Oaks, Russell
                O'Connor, S.
                O'Neill, C. H., Dr.
                O'Rourke, Agnes
                O'Rourke, Francis
                O'Rourke, Jerome
                Owens, Wendell A. and Robin
                Owens, William H. "Tex"
                Palso, John
                Parish, Everett
                Parker, Hugh
                Parker, Janks
                Paro, Andre
                Parry, Wesley G.
                Payne, George
                Pelavin, Maurice
                Perkins, D. B.
                Perkins, Frank E.
                Peters, Hugh
                Phillips, Chester
                Pichotte, Alex
                Pierce, Harlow and Ann
                Pierson, Jack
                Pilon, Jack
                Pinter, Joe
                Pinter, Louis
                Polidan, George
                Poloniuk, Michael
                Popkovitch, John
                Potter, Pearl
                Powell, Nellie
                Powell, Otto H.
                Prieur, Earnest
                Prieur, Elmer
                Quinlan, William
                Radeka, George
                Radokovitch, Mike
                Ragland, Leonard
                Ramsey, Rexford
                Randall, William
                Randolph, Harold
                Rasbeck, Sanford A.
                Ray, C. T.
                Ray, Clarence
                Ray, Roy
                Reavely, Wray
                Reed, Walter
                Rees, Roy
                Reid, Mark
                Reinhardt, "Dutch"
                Reinhardt, Fern
                Reinhardt, Pearl V., Rev.
                Rennert, Lee
                Reuther, Fanya
                Reuther, Val
                Reuther, Victor
                Rheinhart, Adolph
                Richards, Gene
                Richardson, John "Jack"
                Richardson, John E.
                Richardson, Hubert
                Richvalsky, Joseph P. and Rose
                Richvalsky, Steve
                Rittinger, Joe
                Robert, August
                Roberts, Floyd A., Dr.
                Robinson, Leland
                Rockefeller, Edward
                Rodgers, Sam
                Roland, Jimmie
                Root, Charlie
                Rowlery, Joseph
                Roy, William J.
                Ryan, Morris
                Sager, Richard
                St. John, Earl
                Sajgali, John
                Saltiel, Solemon
                Sample, Truman "Hugh"
                Sanders, John
                Sanderson, Hettie and Harry
                Sarvis, Arthur H.
                Scavarda, Charles J., Dr.
                Schafer, Joe
                Schmidt, Al
                Schmidt, Sam
                Schneider, Elizabeth (Anderson)
                Schowalter, Lynus
                Scott, Earl
                Scott, Lou
                Seible, George
                Seidel, Louis
                Setterington, Paul
                Severin, Claude
                Severin, Ray
                Severns, Jim
                Severn, Roy
                Seymour, Henry
                Shaw, Allen
                Sheppard, F.
                Shimmons, Kenny
                Shinn, Charles
                Sibel, Martin
                Siemarco, Sam
                Sills, Hazen
                Simon, George and Hilda
                Simons [sic, Simon], Joe
                Sinner, Melvin
                Sipos, Louis
                Sloan, Bruce
                Smith, "Blackie"
                Smith, "Cowboy"
                Smith, Donald
                Smith, E. E.
                Smith, Harry H.
                Smith, Ray and Helen
                Smith, Wilbur
                Soder, Keith
                Somers, Dwight
                Spohn, Dan
                Sprague, Ward
                Sproule, Leslie
                Stacy, Rufus
                Stark, Helen
                Statzer, Roby
                Steinbricher, Virgil and Clara J.
                Stephany, Joe
                Stetson, Anne
                Stillwagon, Frank
                Stoneman, Nita
                Strickland, Lewis
                Strudgeon, Ray
                Strutts, Milton G.
                Stybert, Tony and Verna
                Sudak, Mike
                Sullivan, Walter L.
                Sutton, Glenn
                Swindle, Donald
                Swirsrotik, Joe
                Taborn, "Frenchie"
                Tahash, Gerald
                Tahash, Wayne
                Tanner, Bernice H.
                Tate, Albert J., Rev.
                Tatro, Larry
                Taylor, Earl
                Tear, Walt
                Tebo, Richard
                Tenor, Clarence
                Terry, Thomas M.
                Thielen, George
                Thrasher, Geraldine
                Thrasher, John
                Todd, James
                Tompkins, Santa
                Torok, Frank
                Torok, Gus
                Torok, Steve
                Toth, Louis
                Towner, Lee
                Travis, Margaret
                Tucker, C. W.
                Turnpaugh, Miles
                Vamour, Amos and Lawrence
                Van Campen, James K.
                Vaughn, Rulien, Sr.
                Veraghen, Joe
                Verdeman, Louis
                Vivion, Art
                Volger, Fred
                Volgi, William
                Wagner, Ray
                Walker, Chancey
                Walker, John
                Walter, Walter Lawrence
                Wardie, Joseph
                Warner, Joe
                Warren, Milton
                Watson, Francis
                Weaver, Charles
                Weaver, "Monk"
                Weiderman, Frank
                Welter, O.
                Wertman, Lloyd
                Weston, Henry
                Wheeler, Doris
                White, David
                White, Jack
                Wickham, L.
                Widmark, Jimmie
                Wiederhold, Morley
                Wierzbicki, Stanley
                Williams, Bill
                Williams, Haskall
                Willing, C. A.
                Willing, Theodore
                Wilson, Bill
                Wilson, G. J. "Doc"
                Wiltse, George R.
                Wing, Clyde H.
                Winter, Clayton
                Wirastek, Joe S.
                Wiseman, Pat
                Wittum, Laverne
                Wohl, Jake
                Wohwinkle, Vern
                Wolfe, Roy
                Wood, Alfie M.
                Wood, Clair W.
                Woodard, Joseph
                Wright, Harry
                Yaklin, Alfred
                Yaklin, Cornelius
                York, Henry
                Young, Edward
                Zajac, F.
                Zajaczkowski, Tony
                        Allen, Walter
                        Boone, Roy
                        Boysen, George
                        Buchanan, Johnson
                        Carey, Sue
                        Connelly, Leo
                        DuKette, F
        First Series (Sit-Down Strike focus)
                Ahearn, Fred, July 1978, John DeYonker *
                Aldred, Ruth (Mrs. Jerry), Mar. 13, 1980, Kenneth B. West*
                Balius, Ed, Mar. 4, 1988, Neil Leighton (2 tapes)*
                Basinski, Victor, July 7, 1978, Douglas Vance*
                Batz, Sidney, July 3, 1978, Jay Flowers
                Bergslie, Peter, Aug. 7, 1979, Kenneth B. West (2 tapes)*
                Besson, Nellie (later Hendrix/Martin), July 5, 1978, Gary Ferman*
                Bjaland, Ingvald, Mar. 7, 1980, Neil Leighton*
                Blake, Orvel, Mar. 25, 1980, Kenneth B. West (2 tapes)*
                Boone, Ora, July 5, 1978, T. R. Kuczera*
                Borski, Ben, Mar. 18, 1980, W. Meyer*
                Breedlove, Robert, Mar. 2, 1979, Jack Rice (2 tapes)*
                Bully, Norman, June 26, 1980, K. B. West*
                Burhans, Ralph, Sept. 27, 1985, ?Ray Yaklin
                Burke, Mike, Sept. 19, 1979, N. Leighton and K. B. West (4 tapes)*
                Burr, Hubert ("Spyke"), July 6, 1978, Douglas Vance*
                Carver, Ellis, Mar. 17, 1980, W. Meyer (2 tapes)*
                Chargo, Joe, Aug. 5, 1986, Neil Leigton*
                Clark, Henry, Aug. 13, 1979, Neil Leighton and Ken West (3 tapes)*
                Coale, Elden, Mar. 24, 1980, W. Meyer (2 tapes)*
                Cole, John, Feb. 26, 1979, Jack Rice*
                Combs, Prince, Apr. 1979, Michael Marve*
                Combs, Prince, Feb. 22, 1982, Neil Leighton, W. Meyer, J. Gaver

                Connelly, Leo, [und.], W. Meyer (2 tapes)*
                Connolly, William T., Mar. 4, 1980, Neil Leighton (2 tapes)*
                Crane, Cloyse, Feb. 27, 1980, Neil Leighton (2 tapes)*
                Crawford, Louise, Dec. 1980, Ann Brown (2 tapes)*
                Cregar, Merrill, Feb. 27, 1980, K. B. West (2 tapes)*
                Crompton, Earl, July 5, 1978, Judy Handley*
                Devitt, Joe, July 1978, Jay Flowers*
                Doerfner, William, no date, Sara Miles (2 tapes)*
                Dotson, J. D., Jan. 23, 1981, Neil Leighton (2 tapes)*
                Doyle, Robert, no date, Sara Miles*
                Draper, Viven, July 3, 1980, K. B. West
                Duncan, Basil (see Genske, William)*
                Echard, Peggy, June 27, 1980, K. B. West (2 tapes)*
                Ehrlich, Ed, July 3, 1978, Margaret Laux*
                Evanoff, Michael, June 30, 1978, Larry Goodwyn (2 tapes)*
                Evanoff, Kosta and Lenka, May 3, 1979, Neil Leighton (3 tapes)*
                Evans, Robert, no date, W. Meyer (2 tapes)*
                Fineberg, Esther* (see Schiller, Joseph)
                Fish, Hy, May 31, 1975, Genora Johnson*
                Fleischman, Harry, June 12, 1979, Nan Pendrell*
                Foster, Shirley, June 8, 1979, Nan Pendrell, K. B. West, Neil Leighton (2 tapes)*
                Fry, Joe, July 27, 1979, W. Meyer*
                Funk, Frank, June 21, 1979, John DeYonker and K. B. West (2 tapes)*
                Gadola, Ann M., no date, Harriet Freeman*

                Gage, Russell, July 6, 1978, Rick Johnson*
                Gancsos, Louis, Sr., no date, W. Meyer*
                Gebo, Lloyd, Apr. 25, 1980, K. B. West
                Genske, William, Mar. 11, 1979, Jack Rice*; Duncan, Basil, Mar. 11, 1979, Jack Rice
                Genske, William, May 13, 1985, on war conversion
                Gerholz, Robert (see Patterson, Beatrice)
                Gibbs, Robert, Mar. 29, 1980, W. Meyer (2 tapes)*
                Gillette, Evelyn, Mar. 25, 1980, W. Meyer
                Gillian, Otis K., July 15, 1978, Andrew Walker*
                Harbin, Dorothy, Mar. 3, 1980, Neil Leighton*
                Harris, Hugh ("Bert"), Aug. 22, 1979, Neil Leighton (2 tapes)*
                Havrilla, Andrew, Apr. 4, 1980, K. B. West*
                Hayward, Laura, July 14, 1980, K. B. West and Nan Pendrell (2 tapes)*
                Healy, Gerald, Aug. 7, 1979, K. B. West*
                Hendricks, Cecil, July 3, 1978, Janet Fredrikson*
                Hendricks, Cecil, Apr. 17, 1980, K. B. West*
                Holland, Ray, July 13, 1978, Rick Johnson*
                Howell, Ira, Mr. and Mrs., no date, Janet Fredrikson*
                Hubbard, Earl, Apr. 24, 1980, K. B. West*
                Humphrey, James, Apr. 28, 1980, K. B. West*
                Japinga, Martin, Mar. 5, 1980, Neil Leighton
                Jason, Charles, July 18, 1978, Michael J. Kukla*
                Johnson, Genora, Sept. 22, 1978, Neil Leighton*
                Johnson, Genora; Palmer, Jack; Jones, Larry, Sept. 23, 1979, Neil Leighton and Kenneth B. West
                Jones, Archie, Aug. 20, 1979, K. B. West (2 tapes)*
                Jones, Larry, June 9, 1978, Andrew Walker (2 tapes)
                Jones, Larry, no date, Dan Koger
                Jones, Milton, July 26, 1979, W. Meyer
                Jordan, Francis, Mar. 27, 1980, K. B. West*
                Keech, Walter, June 4, 1980, K. B. West
                Killinger, Charles, Aug. 6, 1979, Neil Leighton (3 tapes)*

                King, Irving, Mar. 16, 1980, K. B. West*
                King, Irving, Mar. 26, 1980, K. B. West*
                King, Vincent, July 1978, Ed O'Neill (2 tapes)*
                King, Vincent, Apr. 3, 1980, K. B. West*
                Klasey, Tom, Aug. 27, 1979, Neil Leighton (3 tapes)*
                Knotts, Roy, Mar. 17, 1980, W. Meyer
                Komar, Steve, Sr., July 1978, T. R. Kuczera*
                Kramer, Charlie (see Travis, Bob)
                Kraus, Henry and Dorothy, May 8, 1982 (5 tapes)*
                LaRose, Adlore, July 1978, Andrew Grantham*
                Larson, Hans, Mrs., Apr. 11, 1980, K. B. West*
                Lawrence, Lee, Aug. 23, 1979, K. B. West
                Legree, Wilburn, no date, Greg Odell*
                Lien, Henry, Aug. 30, 1979, K. B. West*
                Lischer, Clarence, Mar. 14, 1980, K. B. West (2 tapes)*
                Loisell, Paul, July 17, 1979, D. Sutton
                Love, Edmond G., Apr. 19, 1980, 
                MacAlpine, Elmer, July 2, 1980, W. Meyer (2 tapes)
                MacGregor, Ben, June 26, 1980, K. B. West
                Malone, Ken, July 29, 1986, Henry Kraus and Neil Leighton (2 tapes)*
                Malott, Bruce, Aug. 21, 1979, K. B. West*
                Mamero, Robert, Feb. 26, 1980, K. B. West*
                Markanovich, Victor, July 11, 1980, W. Meyer (2 tapes)
                McCann, John, Jan. 14, 1974, Scott McCann
                McCann, John, Feb. 21, 1978, Scott McCann*

                McNee, Sheldon, July 1978, Janet Fredrikson*
                Miles, Harry, Sr., 1978, Sara Miles*
                Miller, Rudi (see Travis, Bob)
                Mitchell, Irene, July 3, 1980, K. B. West (2 tapes)
                Moon, Rollin, Mrs., May 10, 1979, Neil Leighton and K. B. West (2 tapes)*
                Moran, Jim, July 24, 1978, D. Sutton*
                Morley, Gus, Aug. 24, 1979, K. B. West (2 tapes)*
                Motter, Francis William, Mar. 4, 1980, K. B. West*
                Mundale, Maynard ("Red"), July 22, 1980, Neil Leighton (3 tapes)*
                Nelson, Gorden, Apr. 7, 1980, K. B. West*
                Nightingale, Mary, July 6, 1978, Judy Garza*
                Nowak, Stanley, Aug. 9, 1979, Neil Leighton and Nan Pendrell (2 tapes)*
                Olay, Andrew J., Feb. 29, 1980, K. B. West (2 tapes)*
                O'Rourke, Harold, July 6, 1978, Ed O'Neill (2 tapes)*
                Palmer, Jack, July 5, 1978, Louis Goodwyn*
                Parish, Delia, June 6, 1979, Nan Pendrell, K. B. West, M. Batron
                Parish, Delia, June 7, 1979, K. B. West, Neil Leighton, J. DeYonker (2 tapes)
                Parker, Ralph, Apr. 15, 1980, K. B. West (2 tapes)
                Parker, Ralph, May 9, 1980, K. B. West*
                Parks, Ralph, July 3, 1978, Janet Fredrikson*
                Patterson, Beatrice, Feb. 26, 1980*; Gerholz, Robert (cont.)
                Pelton, Francis E., June 30, 1978, Rick Johnson*
                Pichotte, Elizabeth, Mar. 4, 1980, K. B. West (2 tapes)*
                Pora, Lottie, Aug. 22, 1980, K. B. West (2 tapes)

                Reider, Alexander, Apr. 4, 1980, K. B. West*
                Rich, Roscoe, July 6, 1978, Margaret Laux*
                Ricks, Grant, Mar. 13, 1980, K. B. West (2 tapes)*
                Robinson, Emerson, Apr. 11, 1980, K. B. West (2 tapes)*
                Robinson, Leo, July 13, 1978, Michael J. Kukla (2 tapes)*
                Root, Floyd, June 4, 1978, Brad Holloway (2 tapes)
                Rose, Gilbert and Floyd, Aug. 13, 1979, W. Meyer*
                Schiller, Joseph, July 4, 1978, Dale Cyran*; Fineberg, Esther, June 30, 1978, Dale Cyran*
                Schmitz, Peter, no date, W. Meyer
                Scobey, Dolen, Aug. 28, 1980, K. B. West
                Scobey, Maurice, Apr. 24, 1980, K. B. West*
                Severance, Robert, Feb. 28, 1980, K. B. West*
                Shinn, Chuck, July 23, 1981, Neil Leighton (3 tapes)*
                Simmons, Orvel, Feb. 28, 1980, K. B. West*
                Simons, Bud and Hazel, Dec. 27, 1978, Neil Leighton (3 tapes)*
                Sipes, Mearl O., May 29, 1980, K. B. West (2 tapes)
                Skunda, Andrew, June 27, 1980, K. B. West
                Skunda, Joseph N., Mar. 3, 1980, K. B. West*
                Smelser, Bruce, May 30, 1980, K. B. West
                Smith, Arthur, Feb. 20, 1980, Neil Leighton (2 tapes)
                Snyder, Robert, July 1978, John DeYonker
                Snyder, Robert, Mrs., 1978, John DeYonker*
                Speckman, William, June 26, 1980, W. Meyer
                Spohn, James, Mar. 6, 1980, K. B. West (2 tapes)*

                Stier, John, July 11, 1980, K. B. West (2 tapes)
                Tadrick, Lawrence, Feb. 21, 1980, K. B. West*
                Taylor, Albert, Feb. 22, 1980, W. Meyer
                Thrasher, John ("Jack"), Feb. 26-27, 1982, K. B. West (2 tapes)
                Torok, Frank, 1981, Jeff Collier (2 tapes)*
                Townsend, Roger, 1979, Mike Marve*
                Transue, Andrew, July 9, 1978, Dale Cyran
                Travis, Bob, and Kramer, Charlie, Dec. 13, 1978, Neil Leighton (2 tapes)*
                Travis, Bob, and Miller, Rudi, Dec. 14-15, 1978, Neil Leighton (2 tapes, no. 2 and 3)
                Travis, Bob, Dec. 15, 1978, Neil Leighton (2 tapes)
                VanEtten, Victor, Jan. 2, 1979, Neil Leighton (2 tapes)*
                Vowel, Charles, Winter 1981, Jeff Collier (3 tapes)*
                Washburn, Howard, July 6, 1978, Judy Handley
                Weinstone, William, Mar. 15-16, 1979, Nan Pendrell and Neil Leighton (6 tapes)*
                White, Charles, June 1978, T. R. Kuczera*
                Woodard, Ben, Sept. 5, 1980, K. B. West
                Yorko, John, June 29, 1978, Dr. Goodwyn
                Zink, Raymond, Mar. 4, 1980, K. B. West*
                Letters to FDR, National Archives (K. B. West)
                Letters to Conciliation Service, National Archives (K. B. West)

        Second Series (Tapes made by students in Political Science 330,
          331, 375, "Labory History," 436, "Exploring Community History," 
          taught by Nan Pendrell; History 436) - Arranged by interviewer
          (interviewer, date, interviewee(s), subject)
                Aagesen, Odile M., no date, Janet Bauer Smithson, Burton Neighborhood Housing Services##
                Aagesen, Odile M., no date, Gladys Russell*#
                Adams, Carolyn, no date, Sybil Varner, worker at Chevrolet*
                Adams, Carolyn, 1980, Ann Drake, worker at Chevrolet
                Al Mussalam, Saud, Aug. 1981, Saab Bargouthi; Tony Aidle; Nabiel Ali Musleh; Arab immigrants
                Arbeau, Laura, Aug. 1, 1982, Sam and Rosalie Pepitone, Italian-American autoworker and wife#
                Arbeau, Laura, no date, Judy Udell, Citizens Bank employee#
                Ashley, James, Dec. 17, 1982, Joseph V. Smith, Sr., Joseph V. Smith, Jr.
                Ashley, James, Dec. 17, 1982, Roscoe Rich
                Bancroft, Sandy, Aug. 6, 1984, Dorothy Kosal*#
                Bard, M., Aug. 3, 1981, Al Christner, UAW Local 599, factory employees about loss of jobs due to automation
                Beckett, Tammy, no date, Harry and Lillian Vincent*
                Benjamin, Bob, no date, Buick manager#[no name], Buick auto worker#, John Truckin [sic, Truchan], UAW committeeman*#[no name]
                Bondy, William, no date, David Johnson#
                Bondy, William, no date, Sanford Morris#
                Branham, Alan, no date, Bob Keith*
                Bridges, Judith, no date, Barbara Washington
                Budzinski, Debbie, no date, Joe Dupcza
                Burdette, Daniel, no date, B. Arnold#
                Cater, Brent A., Aug. 2, 1982, Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Miller, Civic Park area
                Cater, Brent A., Aug. 4, 1982, Mrs. Harald Boa, Civic Park area*
                Catton, Cheryl, no date, Gloria Goldsmith, Vice-President, Flint National Organization for Women
                Catton, Cheryl, no date, Billy Hopper, salaried unionization organizer at GM (2 tapes)
                Clark, Leigh, no date, William Whitney, Director, Flint Downtown Development Authority#
                Clark, Leigh, Aug. 1, 1983, Probate Judge Harold Resteiner*#
                Collier, Jeff, Winter 1981, Clifford Date (2 tapes)
                Cooper, Charlene, July 22, 1983, Ivan Griffin*# [no permission]
                Cooper, Charlene, no date, Evelyn Cooper, former president, UAW Local 524#
                Crawford, Elizabeth, July 28, 1984, George Crear III, black teacher*
                Csapo, Mike, Aug. 8, 1982, Eula and Pat Csapo*
                Cummings, Donna, no date, Marilyn Steele, of the Mott Foundation*
                Cunningham, Clinton B., no date, Laura Boyd
                Cunningham, Clinton B., no date, Freda Parmelee*
                Cuttitta, Sharon, Aug. 2, 1984, Arthur Beauchesne*

                Daggett, Steven, no date, Otis Wiggins*#
                Dahl, Gregory, July 23, 1982, Mrs. Marie Matthews
                Dahl, Gregory, Aug. 10, 1982, Charles Green, Sit-Down Strike*
                Downs, Hal, July 26, 1982, Ed Petruska, formation of the Fenton Educational Association*
                Downs, Hal, Aug. 1, 1982, Floyd Long, 1969 strike by the Fenton Educational Association*
                Dunn, Marie, no date, Mrs. Pat Wetherell
                Dutcher, Robert, no date, John Lindstrom*#
                Dutcher, Robert, no date, John O'Dell, UAW Local 326#
                Eason, Tony, no date, Pastor Jonathan Jacobs*#
                English, Mark, June 3, 1992, Chris Frye*#
                English, Mark, May 18, 1992, Kenny Malone
                Enriquez, Maria, Summer 1982, Valerio Neito (2 tapes)*#
                Ensign, Rebecca, no date, Erle Brown, Buick employee
                Ensign, Rebecca, no date, Erv Husted, tax revolt
                Evans, Ray, July 17, 1980, marker commemoration for Sit-Down Strike, UAW Local 659, with Victor Reuther, 
                   Emil Mazey, Douglas Fraser
                Ford, Nancy, Aug. 10, 1982, male AC worker
                Ford, Nancy, Aug. 8, 1982, Margaret Busch, World War II AC worker*
                Fotenakes, Gregg, Aug. 5, 1982, Eleanor Fotenakes, retired GM Parts Division employee*
                Fotenakes, Gregg, Aug. 9, 1982, Emma Lou Smith
                Freese, Jennifer, Summer 1982, Bernice Freese, World War II AC worker
                Froelich, B., no date, Debbie Chaly, Poletown (Detroit) and GM
                Froelich, B., no date, Ardath Regan, GM
                Ghattas, Edward, no date, Joan Christenson#
                Ghattas, Edward, no date, Shaker Brackett, Arab-American*#
                Goode, David, no date, Robert K. Bolerjack
                Grant, Raymond, no date, Beverly Shumaker, oil company president
                Grotts, Benjamin J., Oct. 1, 1986, Mabel Moore, concerning teaching career, 1924-1971*#
                Grotts, Benjamin J., Sept. 24, 1986, Arthur Arredondo*
                Hall, Theoris, no date, Bernice Nettles*#
                Hart, Alice, July 28, 1982, Dr. Alvin Loving, UM-Flint
                Hart, Alice, Aug. 4, 1982, Max Dean, lawyer*#
                Hartley, Brenda, July 24, 1982, Helen McDonald, retired
                   from Bell Telephone
                Hatchett, Kay, no date, Mrs. Cloteal Howard*#[no
                Helmreich, Martha, July 29, 1982, Edgar B. Holt, civil
                   rights activist*#
                Helmreich, Martha, July 24, 1982, Oscar W. Baker, black
                   attorney of Bay City*
                Hempsall, Mary, July 11, 1983, William Genske*#

                Horn, Gloria, no date, Sue Brooks, Director, Everywoman
                   Center, YWCA Flint
                Horn, Gloria, July 30, 1980, Irene Wilbur, woman worker
                Hull, John L., July 17, 1984, Kenny Malone, on Flint, UAW
                   strike, social and economic conditions*
                Hull, John L., July 9, 1983, Victor Ex, Fisher Body
                Hull, John L., July 1983, Ernest Neville*#
                Jasinski, M. E., July 27, 1981, Stella Popilek, retired AC
                   worker, Polish-American community
                Jasinski, M. E., July 15, 1981, Mary and Tony Fisher
                Jennings, Barbara, July 28, 1983, Ruth Van Zandt, black
                Jones, Patrick, no date, Noima Heed, AC employee for 7
                   years, Marie Michelle
                Kennedy, Stephen, no date, Fred Betnel
                Kerr, Cathy, July 26, 1983, Fran Cleaves, UAW Full 
                   Employment committee (3 tapes)*#
                Kerr, Melvin, no date, Ralph Johnson*#
                Klose, Violet, no date, Mrs. Keranen
                Klose, John, no date, Mrs. Keranen; Mrs. Mallison
                Knisley, Marcia Helms, July 28, 1984, Vera Cook Husted*#
                Krcmarik, Francis, no date, Ruben Burks, Fisher Two
                   strike, 1969-1970*
                LaRocca, Leonard, July 18, 1982, Henry Lorenz, Sit-Down
                LaRocca, Leonard, July 28, 1982, Jack Reid, today's auto
                production supervisor
                Lassiter, Wade, no date, Eugene Baldwin, Director, Genesee
                   County Pre-Trial Services
                Lassiter, Wade, July 27, 1983, Dr. Albert Price
                Laureto, Rose Ann, no date, Michael Bennett*; Lou Curry
                Lauzon, Anne, July 1981, John A. Dawes, ex-Chevrolet
                Lauzon, Anne, July 1981, Catalino ("Chick") Zapata
                Law, Deanna, July 27, 1984, Michael Evanoff*
                Leavy, Don, July 24, 1984, H. E. Jones, ex-Chevrolet
                Lewis, Cowenda S., Aug. 1, 1984, Lois Holt, Edgar Holt and
                Lines, Ruth, no date, Ralph Meek (2 tapes)*#
                Logan, Sharon, July 22, 1980, William Hoskins
                Logan, Sharon, no date, Oliver ("Twister") Roland
                Logan, Sharon, July 1980, Roger Townsend, GM in 1934
                Longavitz, Gaylene, July 21, 19--, Rev. Peaster, Flint
                   Rescue Mission, homeless
                Lucey, Amy Jo, Aug. 5, 1984, Michael Hughes, Deputy
                   Principal, Mott Adult High School*#
                Martin, Tony, Aug. 5, 1983, Larry Price#

                McCain, Wayne, Aug. 3, 1984, J. Henry Moran*#
                McDonald, Debora, Dec. 17, 19--, Tom Blankenship,
                   ex-Chevrolet worker; Janet George
                McGee, Brad, no date, Charles Woods, Flint policeman
                McGee, Brad, no date, Richard Dicks, Flint policeman
                McKinney, Beverly, no date, John Ryan
                McKinney, Beverly, no date, Cecil Miller
                Messmore, Mike, July 4, 1980, Edith Beach*; Eunice 
                Mitchell, Kimberly, July 23, 1983, Betsy Green#
                Mitchell, Kimberly, July 29, 1983, Alvin Mitchell#
                Moody, Marcia, Summer 1981, Lois Holt, first black teacher
                   hired by Flint Board of Education
                Moody, Marcia, Summer 1981, Roy Young, plant worker in
                Moore, Doris, July 13, 1982, Mrs. Hattie Blair*; Aug. 5,
                   1982, Deborah Milling
                Morford, Richard, June 5, 1992, Frances Wright, age 85, 
                   ex-shop worker*#
                Morgan, R., no date, Doug Shook*#
                Morgan, R., no date, Roger Taylor
                Mucha, Katha, no date, Barb Snyder, casework supervisor,
                   Genesee County Probate Court
                Murzen, Steve, Aug. 3, 1981, Larry and Kathy Bashaw,
                Murzen, Steve, Aug. 1, 1981, Dave Rennon, Vietnam
                Musleh, Nabiel A., July 29, 1982, Joanne Goff
                Musleh, Nabiel A., Aug. 2, 1982, Tom Holmquist (2 tapes)
                Oginsky, Tom, no date, Larry Jones (2 tapes)
                Oginsky, Tom, Dec. 7, 1982, J. D. Dotson
                O'Malley, Annette, no date, Vora Johnson, manager, Flint
                   U-Haul, out-migrationof unemployed*; Andy Fann, 
                   unemployed GM worker moving to Florida
                O'Neill, Ann, no date, Dr. Robert M. Carter, Professor of
                   Communications, GMI Institute*#
                O'Neill, P., no date, Mary Nightengale
                Outen, Diane, no date, Donna Powell*
                Panter, Ron, no date, Jack Brovort, robotics#; Dave
                   Yettaw, robotics (2 tapes)*#
                Parker-Roberts, Doris, no date, Frances Lyon#
                Parker-Roberts, Doris, no date, Barbara Jennings*#
                Parnell, Cindy, Aug. 6, 1982, Jon Miller
                Parnell, Cindy, Aug. 4, 1982, Anita Parnell
                Parr, Debbie, Summer 1981, Larry Payne
                Parr, Debbie, Summer 1981, Mrs. Hale
                Parrish, Deborah Walkup, July 26, 1981, Lewis A. Walkup

                Parrish, Marty, Dec. 17, 1982, Lynn R. Eastman#[no name];
                   Terry Ray#[no name]
                Peters, James, Aug. 2, 1984, Fred Kay*#
                Peterson, Gary, no date, Leonard Cook
                Peterson, Gary, no date, Thomas Cook*#
                Pina, Agustin, no date, Tano Resendez
                Pina, Agustin, no date, Jesse Gomez
                Pittman, Flora Rose, July 29, 1983, Annalea Bannister,
                  black life in Flint*#
                Poupere, Walter, Dec. 7, 1982, Mission Home, Flint, with
                  Charlie High, Kay Miller, Greg
                Poupere, Walter, 1983, Marian Hall, with Cleo Dodge,
                   Virginia Riley, Henry Beach
                Powell, Edward, Aug. 4, 1981, Esther Chatmon; Aug. 2,
                   1981, Thelma Walker
                Powell, Lynn, June 1980, Mogens Jensen, Danish resistance
                   in World War II
                Quinn, L., no date, J. McCarty*
                Riselay, Sirka, Dec. 24, 1980, Lembi Mattison, MLS student
                Rainoldi, Mike, no date, Bill Brandon, GM worker for 35
                Rainoldi, Mike, July 23, 1984, Clayton Stroup*#
                Ramseur, Betty, July 29, 1980, John Edwards*; July 31,
                   1980, Mr. Buckner, black history, GM*
                Ramseur, Betty, July 31, 1980, Boyce Buckner*
                Ramseur, Betty, [J.C. Curry?]*
                Rawls,  Sondra, Aug. 5, 1981, John Russell
                Rawls, Sondra, July 27, 1981, Ora Boone, auto worker for
                   41 years
                Romel, Pauline, Nov. 1982, Mike Collins; Frank Collins
                Rouse, Sandra, no date, Gordon A. Fleming, Citizens Bank
                Rouse, Sandra, no date, Dorothy Sloan, history of
                   International Institute
                Roy, Leslie, no date, Von Sarah, Beecher High School
                Rubin, E., July 30, 1984, Dr. Gerald Matthews, a planner's
                   perspective of Flint*#
                Russell, Dean A., Aug. 6, 1982, Frank Gillespie, born
                Russell, Dean A., Aug. 6, 1982, Mozella Gillespie, born
                Rykhus, Karen, July 29, 1983, Claude Brown#[no permission]
                Rykhus, Karen, July 13, 1983, Tom Neuhard*#
                Sabourin, Kimberly, Aug. 2, 1982, Alice Sabourin#
                Sabourin, Kimberly, July 28, 1982, Evalyne H. Perry*
                Scanlon, Charles D., no date, random interviews with
                   twenty people off the street in Flint concerning the 
                   economy and GM
                Schlegelmilch, Rebecca, Dec. 1982, Alma Nevels
                Schlegelmilch, Rebecca, Dec. 1982, Betty Schlegelmilch
                Schwerin, Michael, July 23, 1983, James R. Flinn#; July
                  28, 1983, Pat Flinn#
                Semerad, Glenda Ruth, July 27, 1982, Dale Wilson, Ph.D.,
                  socialized medicine, Flint medical care#
                Semerad, Glenda Ruth, July 8, 1982, Legor Meyer*#
                Sherwin, Susan, no date, Katharine Keene, Russian-German
                Sherwin, Susan, no date, Summer 1981, Gertrude Stevens
                Shook, Doug, Dec. 1982, Bert D. Shook*
                Shook, Doug, Dec. 1982, Robert Buck*
                Shroder, P., no date, Joe Devitt*; no date, Mary Lauer
                Siegel, Janice E., Aug. 1, 1981, Doris Hunt
                Siegel, Janice E., July 11, 1981, Bubby (Lillian) Adrieme
                Smith, Kathleen, Aug. 6, 1982, Calvin Rapson#
                Smith, Kathleen, July 21, 1982, Bob Breeze
                Smith, Vernon J., July 27, 1982, Justina Smith
                Smith, Vernon J., Aug. 2, 1982, Olimpia Princinsky*
                Sorrell, John, Dec. 17, 1982, Les Brown
                Spiller, Karen, no date, Ralph Bloodworth*; no date, Fred       
                Spotts, Bethany R., no date, Horace and Margerie Reeves (2
                Spotts, Bethany R., no date, Jake Jones
                Strong, Duane, Dec. 1982, Lyle Strong; Dec. 8, 1982, Jeff
                Taylor, Meriam, July 29, 1981, Archie Halford, NAACP and
                  Genesee County Park Board; Aug. 2, 1981, Communication 
                  Interpersonal Exchange
                Thayer, David W., no date, P. Labian
                Thayer, David W., no date, R. Seager
                Thorp, Michael J., no date, Gladys Storer
                Thorp, Michael J., no date, George Parker*

                Turner, Derrick, Aug. 6, 1981, Paul Parker
                Turner, Derrick, July 27, 1981, Rev. Alfred L. C. Robb*
                Vandewalker, Ed, no date, David Leyton, attorney*
                Wallrath, Lori, no date, Suzanne Jacobs, Flint and the
                  unionization efforts at Citizens Bank*#
                Wilson, Carla, no date, Mrs. Elridge
                Wolos, Mary, July 27, 1982, Buick employee participation
                  group (D. Dokman, T. Toby, G. Dressendorfer, T. Lowe)
                Wolos, Mary, July 27, 1982, Bob Roth, employee 
                  participation programs*#
                Wood, Janice, Aug. 6, 1984, Kenneth and Hazel
                  McMullen*#[not to be reproduced]
                Yaklin, Ray, Apr. 12, 1982, Louie Burnell*
                Yaklin, Ray, Apr. 10, 1982, Chuck Roy*
                Yaklin, Ray, Apr. 13, 1982, "Bob"*
                Yaklin, Ray, Apr. 12, 1982, Neil Yaklin*

                Zawol, Janice, no date, Judge W. P. Kuta
                Zawol, Janice, July 26, 1983, James Zimmer*
        Student Interviews (arranged by interviewee, some are uncertain)
        and miscellaneous
                Brown, Mike, June 17, 19--*
                Deane, Prof. Richard G., Aug. 6, 1984 (3 tapes)*#
                Dover, James, no date*
                Duff, Bill, former president, UAW Local 651#
                Fulgham, Maudine, July 27, 1982#
                Gerholz, Robert P., Apr. 2, 1980 (see also Patterson,
                   Beatrice, 1st series)
                Green, Elmer K., July 10, 1983, in management at Buick,
                Hansmeyer, Marie, May 31, 1985 (2 tapes)*
                Lillian ----, no date (Hurley Hospital employee in 1937)
                Mrs. Mollay, June 12, 19[92], about Fr. DuKette*
                Nowak, Stanley, Nov. 8, 1981, talk to UAW local,
                   "Solidarity Union in Poland" (2 tapes)
                Page, Lloyd M., Apr. 3, 1980
                Sedlak, Edith, no date (3 tapes)*#
                Smith, (Elder) Calvin, Aug. 3, 1980*#
                Stokes, Fannie, Aug. 10, 1982
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                   following showing of film "With Babies and
                 Banne May 6, 1979
                GM Sit-Down demo tape
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