In order to protect the sensitive historic documents in our collection we ask that our Reading Room Policies be observed: 


  1. Absolutely no food or drink in the reading room. 
  2. All bags and backpacks must be left on the empty shelves in front of the reading room.
  3. No pens or markers, pencils will be provided for taking notes. Computers for taking notes are permitted. 
  4. No lotion or hand sanitizer on your hands. Please wash your hands before handling historic documents. 
  5. If you would like to make a scan of a document or take a photo please check with the archivist regarding safe reproduction, citation, and rights. 
  6. You will be allowed up to 5 folders or one box at a time. 
  7. If you are interested in viewing AV material please bring a pair of headphones. Check with the archivist to make sure that the material you'd like to view is in an accessible format. 
  8. Please sign in at the front and use the archival materials request slip. 


While it is not required, it is a very good idea to contact the archivist before your visit so that materials can be pulled in advance and any issues can be addressed. Please email the archivist, Colleen Marquis, at or call (810) 762-3402