American Legion

American Association of University Professors : UM Flint Chapter

Applewood Estate

Architecture, Domestic – Michigan Flint

Argentine (Mich.)

Atlas, Mich.

Atwood Stadium

Au Sable – Oscoda, Mich.

Automobile National Heritage Area

Automobiles – Miscellaneous


Banks and Banking – Michigan-Flint

Baseball – Michigan-Flint

Big brothers of Greater Flint

Birch Run, Mich.

Bishop Airport

Black Data Processing Associates – Greater Flint Chapter

Block Grants –Flint

Boy Scouts of America – Flint

Burton, Mich

Bus Lines – Mich. - Flint

Businesses – Flint

                AC Spark Plug

               Buick Motor Division

               Central Business District - Flint

               Chevrolet Motor Division

               Flint City Mills

               General Motors Corp / Sit-Down Strike

               Koerts Glass Co.

               Markets – Michigan – Flint

               McDonald Dairy Co.

              Restaurants – Michigan – Flint


              Stores – Retail – Michigan – Flint


Cemeteries – Genesee County

                Bendle Cemetery

                Bristol Cemetery

                Cronk Cemetery

                Mt. Hope Cemetery

                Oakwood Cemetery

                Odell Cemetery

                St. Mary Roman Catholic Church Cemetery

                Swartz Creek Cemetery

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

Churches – Genesee County

                All Saints Parish (Flint)

                Antioch Missionary Baptist Church

                Bethlehem Temple Church

                Blessed Sacrament Church

                Brent Creek United Methodist Church (Genesee)

                Calvary Lutheran Church

                Canaan Missionary Baptist Church

                Christ Fellowship Baptist Church

                Christ the King Catholic Church

                Churches – Flint – Michigan

                Church of the Holy Family (Grand Blanc)

                Community Presbterian Church

                Court Street Methodist Church

                First Baptist Church

                First Church of Christ Scientist

                First (Oak Street) Free Methodist Church

                First Presbyterian Church

                Faith Wesleyan Church (Gaines, Mich.)

                Farnumwod Presbyterian Church (Burton)

                Fenton Road Baptist Church

                Gailian Baptist Church

                Grace Emmanuel Baptist Church

                Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church

                Promise Tabernacle (Golden Leaf Baptist Church)

                Quinn Chapel A.M.E.

                Resurrection Reformed Church

                Riverside Tabernacle

                Sacred Heart Church

                St. James C.M.E.

                St. John Catholic Church

                St. Joseph’s Catholic Church (Flint)

                St. Joseph’s Catholic (Gaines)

                St. Judes Episcopal Church

                St. Mary Roman Catholic Church

                St. Matthew’s Roman Catholic Church

                St. Michael’s Catholic Church

                St. Nicholas Orthodox Church

                St. Paul Lutheran School

                St. Pius X Church

                St. Robert’s Parish

                St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

                Second Church of Christ, Scientist

                Sovereign Grace Baptist Church

                Trinity Episcopal Church (Flushing)

                Unitarian Universalist Church of Flint

                Westwood Baptist Church

                West Vienna United Methodist Church (Clio, Mich.)

                Woodstock Church

Chesaning, Mich

Citizens to save our youth

City Planning – Michigan – Flint

Civic Park

Clio, Mich.

Colleges and University

                Baker College

                GMI Engineering and Management Institute

                Kettering University

                Mott Community College

                University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

                University of Michigan – Flint – Articles

Committee to Promote Action (COMPACT)

Communities First, Inc.

Community Coalition

Community Concert Association

Community Education

Community Foundation of Greater Flint

Crim Race

Crime and Criminals – Flint

Crime Prevention Association of Genesee County

Crossroads Village

Dance – Michigan - Flint

Davison, Mich.

Delta County Mich.

DeWaters Charitable Trust

Drama – Michigan –Flint

Durand, Mich.

Durant Hotel

Easter Seal Society

Elections – Flint – Michigan

Employee Fringe Benefits

Endowments – Michigan – Flint

Ethnic Groups – Flint


                American Palestinian Club







                Native Americans (Chippewa Burial Grounds)

                Polish Americans

Flint & Vicinity Action Community Economic Development Corporation (F.A.C.E.D)

Fenton, Mich.

Fire Prevention

Flint Area Convention and Visitors Bureau

Flint Area Health Foundation

Flint Automobile Club

Flint Board of Education Mott Program

Flint Budget

Flint Centennial Celebration

Flint Chamber of Commerce

Flint Common Council

Flint Economic Development

Flint Educational Association

Flint Environmental Action Team

Flint Executive Service Corps

Flint Federation of Women’s Clubs

Flint Fine Arts Festival

Flint Fire Department

Flint Michigan History 19th and 20th ce.

Flint Mayor

Flint Neighborhood Improvement and Preservation Project

Flint Politics and Government

Flint Population

Flint Public Library

Flint Public Trust

Flint Recreation and Park Board

Flint Region Radio Service Managers Club

Flint River

Flint Science Fair

Flint Social Life and Customs

Flint Town Hall

Floods – Michigan – Genesee County

Floods – Michigan – Saginaw County

Flushing, Mich.

Foundations – Michigan- Flint

Frankenmuth, Mich.

Fraternal orders – Michigan – Flint

Gaines Twp.

Garland Street Literary Club

Genesee Economic Area Revitalization Inc. (G.E.A.R.)

Genesee County Association for Retarded Children

Genesee Area Skill Center

Genesee County Cooperative Extension Service

Genesee County Fair

Genesee County Land Bank Authority

Genesee County Tuberculosis Sanatorium

Genesee County Foreign Population

Genesee County Officials and Employees

Genesee Intermediate School District

Genesee Merchants Bank and Trust Co.

Genesee Sportsman’s Club

Grand Blanc, Mich.

Greater Flint Arts Council

Grocery Trade – Michigan – Flint

Habitat for Humanity

Health Surveys

Holloway Reservoir

Hospitals – Michigan – Flint

                Flint Osteopathic Hospital

                Genesys Healthsystem

                McLaren General Hospital

Mott Children’s Health Center

Hotels – Michigan – Flint

Housing – Michigan- Flint

Hurley Medical Center

Industrial Business Girls Club

Industrial Mutual Association

Institution in Basic Life Principles

International Order of Odd Fellows

International Institute

Iosco County, Mich.

Labor Museum and Learning Center of Michigan

Lansing, Mich.

Lapeer County, Mich.

Lawyers – Michigan – Flint

LGBT – Michigan

Libraries – Michigan – Flint

Linden, Mich.

Longway Planetarium

Lumbering – Michigan

Manufacturers Innovation Council

Marathan Twp

Mentally Ill


Michigan – Government – 19th Century

Michigan – History – Civil War

Migration, Internal

Montrose, Mich.

Mt. Morris, Mich.


                Flint Community Chorus

                Flint Community Music Association

                Flint Parents Band and Orchestra Council

                Flint Philharmonic Concerts

                Music – Michigan – Flint – 19th Century

                Music – Michigan – Flint – 20th Century

                Norton Male Chorus

                St. Cecilia Society

                Flint Symphony Orchestra

Newspapers – Michigan – Genesee County

Neighborhoods – Flint

                Carriage town

                Central Business District

                Civic Park

                College and Cultural Development, Inc.

                 St. John

Northbank Center

Open Housing

Oral History

Owosso, Mich.

Parks – Michigan – Flint

People – Flint

                Aldrich, Fred

                Bates Family

                Begole, Josiah

                Brent, Thomas L.L.

                Buckley, William Frank

                Burr, Colonel B.

                Campell, E.R and Margery (Durant)

                Carton, John J.

                Champion, Albert

                Collins, James J.

                Crapo, Henry Howland

                Dukette, Norman Fr.

                Durant, William Crapo

                Dort, J. Dallas

                Eby, Margaret

                Fenton, William H.

                Gorman, Michael

                Hamady Brothers

                Harris, Wendell B., Jr.

                Lane, Garland

                Malcolm X

                McFarlan, Alexander

                McFarlan, Mary Louise

                Mackenzie, David

                McCreery, William B.

                Moore, Michael

                Mott, Charles Stewart

                Riegle, Donald W., Jr.

                Reuther, Walter

                Sinclair, John

                Sloan, Alfred Jr.

                Smith, Jacob

                Whiting, James H.

Photographers – Michigan – Flint

Physicians – Michigan – Genesee County

Police – Michigan – Flint

Postal Service – Michigan – Flint

Postal Service – Michigan – Grand Blanc

Power plants – Michigan – Flint

Public Health – Michigan – Flint

Radicalism – Michigan – Flint

Radio – Michigan – Flint

Railroads – Michigan – Genesee County

Rankin, Mich.

Red Feather Fund of Flint and Genesee County

Riverbank Beautification Project – Flint

Roads – Michigan – Flint

Ruth Mott Fund

UM Flint Faculty Projects for Urban and Regional Affairs

Saginaw County, Mich.


                Beecher Schools

                Bendle School District

                Central High School – Flint, Mich.

                Michigan School for the Deaf

                Mott Adult Education and Recreation Program

                Mount Morris (Mich.) High School

                Mott High School

                Schools- Michigan- Flint

                Valley School

Salem Housing Task Force

Shiawassee County, Mich.

Sloan Museum

Soap Box Derby

Social Service Agencies – Flint

Social Surveys – Michigan – Flint

Soldiers – Michigan – Flint


                Boxing – Michigan – Flint

                Flint Bowling Association

                Sports – Michigan- Flint

Street-railroads – Michigan – Genesee County

Streets – Michigan – Flint

Swartz Creek, Mich.

Teens Organizing Neighborhood Improvements (T.O.N.I.)


                Festival Opera Company

                Flint Ballet Theatre

                Flint Civic Opera

Flint Community Players

Flint Historical Theatre, Inc.

McCree Theatre

The Musical Tent

Palace Theatre

Professional Theatre of Flint

Shakespeare Club

Star Theatre of Flint

Vaudeville – Michigan - Flint

Thumb Area, Mich.

Tocqueville in Michigan

Tornadoes – Michigan – Genesee County

Toxic Waste

Trade Union – Michigan – Flint

Underground Railroad

Union Industrial Bank

United Automobile Workers

United Way

Upper Peninsula, Mich.

Urban League of Flint

Urban Renewal – Michigan – Flint

Vietnamese Conflict (Protests)



Water Street Pavilion

Water Supply

Weather Underground – Michigan – Flint

Whaley Children’s Center

Whaley Historical House

Willson Park

Windmill Place

Women – Michigan

Women – Michigan – Flint