The Department of Art and Art History at UM-Flint


Art is about creative expression, but it’s also about understanding your world and connecting with it in deep and meaningful ways. Art history lets you explore the past through the eyes of its artists.

In our department you can choose from a variety of programs:

  • Art & Design (BFA) –  prepares students for innovative roles in design, entrepreneurship, and technology; careers as professional designers, photographers, developers, and media makers, while preparing students to be design thinkers, socially-engaged artists, and creative problem-solvers
  • Art History & Criticism (BA)  - explore art history and visual culture while gaining skills in analysis, research, and writing
  • Fine Arts (BFA) – prepares students for various opportunities within the contemporary art world, including careers as artists and graduate-level study, with a focus on sculpture & ceramics, painting & drawing, or photography & printmaking
  • Visual Arts Education (BS) – prepares students to be future artist-educators: provided with field experience and immersive studio coursework appropriate for the K-12 art professional

Each choice will not only develop you as an artist, but will help you prepare for your chosen career and your place in a community.  Our foundation in liberal arts means you will graduate as a well-rounded student with highly employable skills. You will be able to think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, and confidently navigate a diverse world.


We seek students who want to engage with art as their profession or as a creative outlet. You should be prepared to look at the world from many perspectives, to work hard, and to get to know yourself better. Join us if you want to express yourself and study those who have touched the world with their craft.


Although we have beautiful studio and teaching spaces, we focus on getting you outside of the classroom as much as possible. At UM-Flint, Art & Art History means connecting with the community and improving spaces for all people.

As a UM-Flint Art student you will engage with the campus, area youth, and at-risk populations. You will have the chance to bring art to those who need it most and to change the face of the Flint community.

We are proud of developing our students as innovators, creators, communicators, teachers, and historians of art and visual culture. We also believe in a focus on academic excellence and integrity in scholarship.

News & Events

The healing power of art: Q&A with UM-Flint lecturer and art therapist Autumn Heddy-Reed

Autumn Heddy-Reed, an art therapist, social worker, and crisis counselor, teaches art therapy in the Department of Art and Art History at UM-Flint. In this Q&A, Heddy-Reed discusses art therapy and explains how art can help people cope during the coronavirus pandemic.

UM-Flint launches virtual exhibit for student artists


The gallery launched, Friday, May 8 with over 200 student art pieces with ceramic, photography, painting, animation, printmaking, and other artistic mediums, with Detroit-based artist Tylonn Sawyer serving as the juror of awards.

To view the Art and Art History exhibition visit our website.

Students promote action against climate change with “Dollars and Sense” marketing campaign

The “Dollars and Sense Climate Action Initiative” was developed during the Fall 2019 semester as part of ART 406: Branding Design. Led by Assistant Professor Andy Deck, students were tasked with the creation of a public service announcement campaign. The class chose climate change as their issue, approaching the topic in a unique way.