Academic Assessment

Academic assessment is directly linked to student academic achievement and is an essential part of UM-Flint's commitment to continual improvement. As such, UM-Flint periodically conducts assessment reviews to determine how well we are meeting our mission and goals. 

UM-Flint academic programs have established learning goals and measured outcomes based on student performance. Academic departments use student performance to judge outcomes based on these goals. Results of academic assessment are used to improve academic programs and curricula. Academic programs each set specific requirements, which may include papers, presentations, portfolios, exams, and other projects. Grades are not specifically used for academic assessment, though some programs include academic assessment activities as requirements for graduation.

What is a student's role in academic assessment?

Students provide useful information about the university, and are occasionally asked to participate in various assessment efforts such as surveys and focus groups. Some are aimed a current students, while others are directed toward former students and alumni. UM-Flint depends on student and alumni participation to continually improve our programs and meet our goals.

How does UM-Flint use the results of academic assessments?

Accreditors require universities to publish assessment results. Information about the mission, goals and outcomes of various programs, as well as measured outcomes are available on this site. Assessment results are summarized and anonymous. Individual students' outcomes are never publicized.