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Biology is the study of the organization and operation of life at cellular, organismal, and population levels. An understanding of biology leads to an appreciation of the complexity of the world of life and the role that human beings have within it. The department provides courses in biology that serve the needs of the general student as well as those specializing in the field. Students who concentrate in biology can design their programs to be the focus of a broad and liberal education, to prepare for graduate studies in a sub-discipline, to become certified as a secondary biology teacher, or to obtain pre-professional training in medicine, dentistry, and other health-related fields.


Reasons to Choose Biology at UM-Flint - Dr. Steve Myers




Dr. Jerry Sanders

Biology Professor Searches for a Better Way to Treat a Rare Brain Cancer


In the UM-Flint Biology department, a team of researchers have been looking into an alternative and hopefully more effective treatment for a particularly vicious type of cerebral cancer. 

Jerry Sanders, UM-Flint biology professor and lead researcher, is interested in how the immune system can help eliminate cancer. Through his research, Sanders is committed to finding a safer and more efficient method of curing and killing Glioblastoma.

Molecular Biology student awarded CEW+ Scholarship

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Georgina Brown is one of six University of Michigan-Flint students who were awarded U-M CEW+ Scholarships this fall. She’s currently working with Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology, Dr. Joe Sucic, on gene coding research. Brown aspires to go to medical school and provide health care to underserved communities.

New faces in great places: UM-Flint welcomes incoming faculty

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Randall Duncan has been impressed with his new colleagues. The professor and chair of biology at UM-Flint started July 1. 

"They are hard workers and good teachers. They really care about the students,” said Duncan... (cont.)

Gone fishing: Hamilton Dam removal offers research opportunities for wildlife biology

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"...For Dawson and Wildlife Biology undergraduates in the College of Arts and Sciences, fishing the Flint River isn’t just an idle way to spend the afternoon; it’s an opportunity to study an environment under change."