Will classes be held online or in-person in the Fall?

The Fall course schedule will provide a mix of face-to-face, synchronous (with established meeting times) online courses, and asynchronous online courses that will be in line with public health guidelines and fit student expectations and faculty expertise on our campus.  More information about the course modality changes can be found here.

When will classes transition to completely remote for the Fall 2020 semester?

All classes will be taught online beginning Saturday, November 21.

I have limited or unreliable internet access. what can i do to join my classes remotely?

Please work with your faculty members to determine what kind of participation will be possible for your specific classes. They know that students may not have full access to live video calls or availability to data through a smartphone or other device and should be willing to work with students. Please let us know if you are having any specific issues with a course or the technology use requested and we can try to help you navigate this new format.


What are the Housing contract dates?

August 26, 2020- November 20, 2020.

When can I move into the residence hall? 

Move-in will begin as early as August 26 however, a schedule will be created and you will be notified of your exact move-in date.  When moving in, all guests will be required to wear a face covering and complete a pre-screening. Move-in instructions will be shared via email.

When is move-out?

Move-out will take place on Saturday, November 21 at noon.  If you are unable to return home on November 21, you may request a late stay.  Additional fees will be incurred for extending your stay.  More information will be shared at a later date.

Will the cost of my room be changed since we are moving out early?

Yes. All room and meal plan costs are being adjusted to the shorter contract dates. Final amounts will not be known until later this month.

Will I have to sign a new housing contract?

Students who signed a contract before the new dates of August 27 through November 20, 2020 were announced will have to sign a new contract. You will be notified via your email account to sign your new contract.

Will I have to have a meal plan? 

First time college students will be required to have a meal plan. The meal plan cost will be adjusted at a per day cost due to the shorter contract dates. Please visit the Residential Meal Plan page for more information regarding meal plans.

How can I change my roommate preference or room assignment?

Please contact our Housing and Residence Life Office at 810-237-6571 or email your request to our housing email address at

How will UM-Flint be assigning room spaces?

Currently we are investigating two assignment models one of which is regular assignments based on student preferences and the other being a COVID placement model meaning only single and double occupancy. You must complete the COVID placement preference form available here.

Am I able to tour the residence hall before move-in?
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide tours of the residence halls at this time. Please see our website for more information on room types and amenities.

Food Service


Picasso will continue to accept online meal orders and grocery orders from students living on campus through the end of the summer semester.  Meal orders are accepted Monday through Friday.  There will not be a meal service on Saturdays or Sundays.  Order prior to 9 a.m. for same-day delivery.  Grocery orders are delivered on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Visit the Food Service website for additional information.

If you have any questions regarding Maize Money, Dining Dollars, Meal Plans or Food Service, please contact Gina Rose at  Information regarding the Fall 2020 food service options will be available soon.

Online Learning

Are course taught by real UM-Flint faculty?

Yes! UM-Flint's online courses are taught by the same respected faculty teaching on UM-Flint’s physical campus.

I'm not very tech-savvy.  Will I still be able to successfulLy take online courses?

While you do need some basic technology skills, online classes don’t require you to be a computer whiz. For those who still feel a bit intimidated, technical support and resources are available for all online and on-campus students.

Can online learning still be engaging and interactive?

You might be pleasantly surprised about the level of engagement and interaction that happens in an online learning environment. From using web conferencing tools like Zoom to posting in discussion board forums and collaborating in google documents and chat functions, there are several ways to interact and connect with professors and classmates.

Additionally, UM-Flint provides several tools, training, and video production support to help faculty enhance their presence in the virtual classroom.  

Are online courses lower quality than in-person classes?

UM-Flint’s online courses are held to the same rigorous standards and accreditation requirements as traditional courses. Most online courses utilize the same curriculum and maintain the same academic expectations as the course taught on-campus. It’s only the delivery method that’s different.

Additionally, many of UM-Flint’s faculty take advantage of a wide array of free workshops, online training, and course design support to ensure quality course content.

Do online students receive the same services as face-to-face students?

Even if you’re not physically on campus, you will still have access to the same resources as traditional students. UM-Flint offers a full complement of online student services, including advising, financial aid and library services, tutoring, and the Student Veterans Center.

How does the university prevent cheating in online courses?

All UM-Flint instructors have access to tools that monitor and record student quiz and exam sessions as well as check student writing for plagiarism. When creating exams in Blackboard, instructors can use continuous low-stakes assessments, randomize questions, and impose time limits to make it more difficult to cheat during tests and other assignments.

Will I still be able to get to know my instructors and fellow students?

It’s a common misconception that online instructors are faceless. However, technologies like Zoom and Blackboard Collaborate Ultra are commonly used for real-time video conversations in group work, interactive lecturing, exam review, and more. Smart phone-recorded videos can even be posted to discussion forums to help asynchronous interactions feel more personal and many instructors hold virtual office hours.


Will upcoming commencement ceremonies still take place?

At the University of Michigan-Flint, the health and safety of our campus and the community is our top priority. Although we had hoped to host a commencement ceremony this summer, the ongoing pandemic and the uncertainty this global health crisis has created, the University of Michigan-Flint will not hold a commencement ceremony on August 16, 2020 as originally planned. The current state guidelines for large events under the precautionary measures to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus precludes us from moving forward with this event. 

For planning purposes for our April, August and December 2020 and for our April 2021 graduates, we are moving all commencement ceremonies to late April 2021.  Additional details on the graduation celebration will be released in the coming months. 

Please know that as the pandemic continues to evolve, more changes and rescheduling could be necessary. It is our sincere hope that by next spring we can return to holding traditional commencement ceremonies to honor the academic achievements of UM-Flint students. 

Thank you for your understanding.