Dear Students, 

Thank you for your patience as we work through a variety of options for your Fall 2020 semester. In the coming days you are going to see a variety of changes in the course schedule in order to reduce density on campus and provide you a range of instructional options in the Fall. It is challenging to develop a course schedule that meets the preferences of all students. We believe the Fall course schedule will provide an excellent mix of face-to-face, synchronous (with established meeting times) online courses, and asynchronous online courses that will be in line with public health guidelines and fit student expectations and faculty expertise on our campus. These changes may affect courses you are already enrolled in so please pay close attention to your SIS Schedule at a Glance and communication from your professional academic advisors. It is important to note that these adjustments may change as the pandemic changes and risks increase, or if the state of Michigan issues new orders related to the virus.

Within the Course Schedule you will find the following modality changes. Each meeting line will tell you when you are required to meet for each course. Check the time and the location to confirm the modality. Here are some examples: 

Face to Face Courses: These courses will have face to face meeting times on campus. Prior to the beginning of semester you will receive information about on-campus requirements in the classroom that will include wearing a mask. These courses may include “HyperFlex” options, where some students will join the course in person on one day a week and some will join remotely. If your course will use this technology you will be notified prior to the start of the semester. 

Online Synchronous: These courses will be fully online, but they will require you to attend remotely at a particular time and day as indicated by Time and Days. These online courses will meet at regular times via remote conferencing tools with live instructor interaction. (No face to face/on campus meeting.) This type of course will likely contain some additional asynchronous content. For example: syllabus, lecture files, and readings.

Online Asynchronous: These courses will be fully online and do not have a specific time where class attendance is required. These courses are comprised of learning activities that students can complete on their own time, with regular deadlines that keep them on track. Students will engage in  the majority of course materials without the instructor present. The Time will always be listed as TBA for these courses as there is no set meeting time.

Mixed Mode Courses: These courses will have both online (may be synchronous or asynchronous) and on-campus elements. The multiple schedule lines indicate when on-campus meetings are required and when online attendance is required.

Mixed Mode with Online Synchronous and Face to Face- Example 1

Mixed Mode with Online Asynchronous and Face to Face- Example 2

The most up to date schedule can be found within SIS or at this link: 

Additional details of what Fall semester looks like at UM-Flint will be coming out next week. Thank you again for your patience and trust as we work through these challenging details. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 


Be Well. 

Keith Moreland
Interim Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Shelby Newport
Associate Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Stephen Turner 
Associate Provost and Dean of Graduate Programs