Color Palette

Primary colors:
Maize =

U-M's official maize 

PMS: 7406 (coated and uncoated) 
CMYK: C0 / M18 / Y100 / K0 
HEX: ffcb05
Blue =

U-M's official blue

PMS: 282 (coated and uncoated) 
CMYK: C100 / M63 / Y15 / K72
HEX: 00274c
Secondary Colors:
To create more visual interest and variety, we have expanded the basic palette to include additional complementary colors. Secondary colors are meant to be used as accents only. Maize and Blue remain the dominant colors of all branded communications.


Secondary Color Palette Overview

Warning: Photoshop and other design programs have "color grab" features that are meant to allow users to match a color from one file and bring it into another. DO NOT rely on this feature. It will give you an inaccurate shade or hue more often than not. Enter the color manually based on the figures above.