Our Brand Voice

Our voice is an integral part of our brand. It’s what brings our brand to life. The language and tone we use in our communications should reflect the personality of our brand and the unique qualities of our university as well as the resilient community we call home. Those qualities, identified here, guide the way in which we speak to our constituents in every communication we produce.

UM-Flint's brand voice is:


Our voice should be conversational, welcoming, and accessible. We should speak in the language of our students and constituents, avoiding academic jargon that sounds formal, stilted, or institutional.


We tell it like it is — no hyperbole, no pretensions. Our voice comes from a genuine place — our students and community. We use clear language, and back up our claims with specific examples whenever possible. We are honest about who we are and where we come from.


We are a campus of movers and shakers. Our students are active in and outside the classroom, learning on their feet and in the community by doing, making, and creating as well as studying. We also play an active role in our local community. This dynamic energy and motion should be reflected in our language.


Our students, staff, faculty, and campus community never back down from a challenge. In fact, we thrive on rolling up our sleeves and solving complex problems in the classroom, in the community, and beyond. We are resourceful, creative, and we do not give up. This tenacity should come across in our voice as well.


We are part of our community. We choose to live, learn, and work here. And we believe in the power of education to transform communities like ours for the better. We see the broader purpose of a Michigan education beyond the degree that hangs on the wall. We’re learning to be a force for good.


We are proud of our Flint community and location. We know there’s much more to Flint than what the headlines tell us. Amazing things are happening here every day, and we’re ready to make sure the world knows about it. The character and personality of this remarkable, resilient community should permeate our language.