UM-Flint-Specific Grammar and Abbreviations

The following are guidelines for abbreviations and grammar specific to the University of Michigan-Flint. For more on capitalization, punctuation, and abbreviation, use The Chicago Manual of Style.

University Name

When referring to the University of Michigan-Flint in text (within a sentence), use a lower case “t” in “the,” as in the sentence below. When the name stands alone, as on stationery, a brochure cover, or in giving the address, it is preferred that “The” be used with a capital “T.” 

Please note that the correct punctuation mark for University of Michigan-Flint (and its abbreviations) is the shorter hyphen rather than the longer en-dash or em-dash. There should not be spaces on either side of the hyphen. the University of Michigan-Flint should appear as four words in upper- and lower-case with a capital “U” for University, a capital “M” for Michigan, a hyphen (without spaces on either side), and a capital "F" for Flint. 


Today, the University of Michigan-Flint announced...

University of Michigan-Flint Abbreviation

The following are acceptable and unacceptable abbreviations for the University of Michigan-Flint name.

Whenever possible, spelling out the complete name “University of Michigan-Flint” is strongly encouraged. 

ONLY abbreviate the university as: 







U-M Flint


UofM Flint 

U of M Flint


University of Michigan in Flint 

University of Michigan at Flint 

University of Michigan - Flint

University of Michigan, Flint

Use of “University”

When referring to the University of Michigan-Flint by name, the word “university” should be capitalized, as it is part of a proper name. In cases where the university is referred to in text, but not by name, the word “university” should not be capitalized. 


An announcement made by the university… 


An announcement made by the University…

Formal Titles

Capitalize professional or academic titles immediately before name(s). 


Chancellor Brandy Flint 


deans Elizabeth Johnson and Don Gordon 

Lower case and set off by commas professional or academic titles immediately following name(s). 


Brandy Flint, chancellor, announced today... 

In print, the abbreviation “Dr.” in front of names is reserved for medical doctors. To identify individuals who have earned doctorates in philosophy or education for example, the name should be followed by PhD, or EdD, set off by commas. 


Mary Jo Madison, EdD, announced today...

University-Specific Titles

University-specific titles should be verified by using the latest edition of the University of Michigan Directory. (Additional verification may be required due to job changes and promotions). Many campus professionals have more than one title. Choose the most appropriate title to the content of the publication. Over-titling will interfere with the communication process.


Dean Mary Smith

Mary Smith, dean

Mary Smith, professor


Professor of Political Science and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Mary Smith, PhD, announced today...

Building Titles & Abbreviations

Below is a listing of the proper building names and preferred abbreviations.

(Note: Be mindful of using abbreviations in driving directions, as those outside the university may not understand their meaning.)

Leonard A. and Zelpha E. McKinnon Plaza: McKinnon Plaza 

Henry Howland Crapo Room: Crapo Room 

Central Energy Plant: CEP 

David M. French Hall: French Hall

First Street Residence Hall: First Street

Frances Willson Thompson Library: Thompson Library or FWTL

Harding Mott University Center: UCEN 

Harrison Street Parking Ramp: Harrison Street Ramp 

Mill Street Parking Ramp: Mill Street Ramp 

Northbank Center: NBC 

Plant and Service Building: Hubbard 

Recreation Center: Rec Center 

Riverfront Residence Hall: Riverfront 

University Pavilion: UPAV 

William R. Murchie Science Building: MSB 

William S. White Building: White Building or WSW