One maize. One blue. One Michigan.

For better connection and greater consistency among Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint, all three campuses have adopted this maize block M on a field of blue as our primary identity mark.

This is UM-Flint's official logo:

The Official UM-Flint Logo

Download via the Digital Asset Manager (DAM)

NOTE: Do not drag graphics from this webpage for use elsewhere. Download the official UM-Flint logo from the Digital Asset Manager (DAM). If you have other needs or questions, contact University Communications & Marketing.

Using the official logo

As the University of Michigan-Flint's most valuable brand asset, ensuring our logo's proper use is critical to safeguarding and furthering UM-Flint's identity and reputation. 

For this reason, University Communications & Marketing (UCOM) is charged with the responsibility of approving ALL print and digital materials that feature the official University of Michigan-Flint logo. 

To get your UM-Flint-branded project approved, please complete UCOM's logo approval form: 

Logo Approval Form

Using other versions of the logo

There are instances when it is appropriate to use the 2- or 1-color versions of the UM-Flint logo. Please consult University Communications and Marketing about how and when to accurately utilize these options. 

2-color logo over "Michigan blue" background1-color logo over yellow background1-color maize logo over "Michigan blue" background

Logo use by student groups

Sponsored student organizations (SSOs) may use the UM-Flint logo with permission from their sponsoring unit. 

Voluntary student organizations (VSOs) may refer to themselves as the “University of Michigan-Flint [name of group]” but may not use university trademarks or logos. 

Organizations not registered with the Department of Student Involvement and Leadership cannot use university trademarks, logos, or reference the university in the name of their organization. 

All questions about this policy should be directed to University Communications & Marketing