Social Media Icons

The social media icons created by University Communications and Marketing are considered “official,” and will only be created for approved department and program social media accounts. 

They work for both Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as any other social networks that use a square or round graphic for the profile image, and should NOT be re-sized or modified. You can find your department or program's social media icon in the Digital Asset Manager (DAM), or request one by contacting University Communications and Marketing.

A Note ABOUT Twitter:

Many of the social media icons utilize abbreviations, such as SOM (School of Management). Many UM-Flint Twitter users also utilize their abbreviation in their Twitter handle, or username (as in @UMFlintSOM). But we cannot assume people know that SOM means School of Management. For this reason, we recommend users utilize their full name as their Twitter profile name. This will not impact the existing “@” handle, which may appear on promotional materials. 

To change your profile name (not account name): 

  • Edit Profile > Name
  • Change abbreviated name to full name