Public Health Guidelines for Events under Pandemic Conditions

We are excited to be returning to events and are looking forward to safely hosting your celebrations! Please see the information below as you determine your plans.

All information on this document is subject to state and local guidelines. All information is subject to change without notice. We are updating this information as State and local guidelines change, please check back frequently!

The following information applies to events taking place on or after Wednesday, August 11th, 2021:

Q: Are masks and social distancing required for my event?
A: At this time, masks are required for all indoor events, regardless of vaccination status, unless actively eating or drinking. 
Social distancing is not required for any individual who is two weeks beyond their final vaccine, but highly recommended for any unvaccinated individual.

Q: How will my guests report their vaccine status to be exempted from masks and social distancing?
University students, staff, and faculty can report their vaccine status and receive verification through Wolverine Access. Non-affiliated guests should use a series of screening questions at ResponsiBLUE, to report their status at the time of the event.

Q: How many people can I have at my event?
At this time, there is no specific limit to the number of guests who can attend an event aside from room fire capacity. Your event capacity may be limited by the details of your event, including the number of guests in attendance who need to social distance. Please speak with your event manager about how this may impact your capacity.

Q: As a host, what steps should I take to ensure my guests are in compliance with these policies?
A: Please tell your attendees in advance that any individuals who are not fully vaccinated will need to wear a mask and socially distance during the event, and while in the facility. You should send them a link to the ResponsiBLUE screening so they can self report around the time of the event. Your guests will need to show you their ResponsiBLUE screen upon arrival. Please work with your event manager to determine how you would like to arrange your event, to account for guests who may need to socially distance.

Q: For guests who are not vaccinated, what does social distance look like for my event, if applicable?
A: For seated events, social distancing would involve seating households together, six feet apart from other tables. If an individual is not attending with their household, they can be seated with one other person at a six foot table. If you know you have guests who will need to social distance, please let your event manager know. We will help with determining how the specific situation impacts your set up.

Q: How do the restrictions apply to children who are too young to be vaccinated?
A: Children over the age of two should wear a mask unless actively eating or drinking. Children can be seated with their households and their tables will be distanced from other tables.

Q: What are my other responsibilities as host?
A: You are responsible for ensuring that all guests are in compliance with these guidelines, as well as anything posted in the building, or instructed by staff. This means that you should plan to have someone from your group checking ResponsiBLUE for all guests upon arrival.

You are also required to keep a log of all attendees for 30 days, to help with contact tracing, if needed.

Q: Can my event have a cocktail hour?
A: Yes, cocktail hours are permitted at this time.

Q: Is dancing allowed?
A: Yes.

Q: Are the venues currently open to the public?
A: Venues are not currently open to the public, but we expect this may change in the coming weeks and months. Please speak with your event manager about the best way to ensure access for any attendees who do not have M-Cards, as the specifics will depend upon the date of and building for your event.

Q: How is food service changed by the pandemic? What steps are you taking to keep food service safe?
A: Our safety teams have given us approval to return to typical food service operations with enhanced cleaning procedures. This means, Picasso is able to offer both plated and buffet service options. Portioning items individually, or having staff serve from buffets, are available options if you so wish. Picasso staff may be wearing gloves, masks, and/or face shields.

Q: Do you provide hand sanitizer for events?
A: Yes, hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance to all event rooms as well as on any food and beverage tables.

Q: What should I know about the timing for my event?
A: There are no specific timing restrictions based on public health guidelines at this time. Building hours may vary from typical hours so please check with your event manager for more specific information.

Q: Do you have any outdoor spaces? Would these guidelines change for an outdoor event?
A: We have several areas around campus to hold events outdoors. Under current orders, there are some differences between events held outdoors vs held indoors.
Masks: Masks are not required for outdoor events, regardless of vaccination status.
Social Distancing: Social distancing is required for unvaccinated individuals outside, as well as inside.

Q: Am I able to cancel or reschedule my reservation?
A: Yes. We are currently allowing cancellations or date changes up to 30 days prior with no fee, for all events currently on our books. After July 1st, all new bookings will be subject to our typical cancellation policies.

Q: Is there any chance these rules could be different by the time my event comes up?
A: Yes, State, local orders and campus policies will change over time and your event will be held to the orders and policies in effect on the date of your event.