The Career Center's Careers 4 Years program will guide you towards success for your future career.

By completing the suggested Careers 4 Years tasks you will position yourself to:

  1. Have a well-respected and highly reputable degree from an academically sound institution
  2. Be a master interviewee
  3. Be on top of the PROFESSIONAL social networking scene
  4. Have a professionally designed and laid out resume
  5. Engage employers with confidence and skill
  6. Have meaningful relationships with faculty and professionals that can serve as solid references and letter-writers
  7. Build a professional resume with experience outside of the classroom with:
    • Internships
    • Involvement with student clubs including leadership positions
    • Civic engagement and volunteer work
    • Involvement in professional organizations
    • Possible research and/or study abroad experiences
  8. Be an active and engaged citizen within your community

Careers 4 Years Freshman Activities
Careers 4 Years Sophomore Activities
Careers 4 Years Junior Activities
Careers 4 Years Senior Activities