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Pre-Professional Programs

The path to a professional degree is both challenging and exciting; the education and skills gained during undergraduate years are an integral part of a student's future success. Regardless of the profession a student plans to pursue, the programs at CAS can help them prepare. From arts and humanities to the social and natural sciences, we provide a wide base of knowledge to help them connect with future course work, clients, and patients. There is no one track to a professional degree, explore what CAS has to offer and choose what is right for you and your career path! 

Certificate Programs

Africana Studies Certificate (15 Credits): Available fully online or in face-to-face classes. The Africana Studies Certificate Program offers a wide range of courses to students and members of the community who would like to enrich their knowledge of African and African American experiences. The program intends to benefit those who serve the African American communities and institutions such as the NAACP, National Urban League, Flint Area Coalition to End Racism (FACTER) and others. The program also aims to serve K-12 school teachers in mid-Michigan, as well as employees in higher education from the Flint area.

• Geographic Information Systems Certificate (22-25 Credits): The GIS curriculum is designed specifically for students and pre-professionals who want to pursue a career in geo-spatial technologies. Open to all students admitted to degree or non-degree study at UM-Flint.

TESOL Certificate (15 Credits): Interested in teaching English abroad? Earn a TESOL Certificate in just 15 credits! A TESOL certificate is accepted for teaching english abroad, but teaching credentials are needed to teach in U.S. public schools. For more information, contact the UM-Flint English Department. 

Women & Gender's Studies Certificate (15 Credits): Comprised of courses from a wide variety of departments, the WGS program aims to analyze the historical and contemporary experience of women in different parts of the world; develop a critical understanding of women's experiences and the social structures that construct gender, sex, and sexuality; and examine how our gendered lives and identities have been structured. For more information visit the program website

Graduate Programs

* Fully online program
** Mixed-Mode Program

For more information, contact Marisa Eynon-Ezop, CAS Graduate Programs Recruiter and Admissions Counselor, at or visit our Office of Graduate Programs.