View the CAS Strategic Planning Implementation Tracker - Updated June 2020

Implementation Updates: June 2020

The College of Arts and Sciences' strategic planning process both informs and builds on the University's Strategic Planning efforts. Our initial meetings provided feedback and helped form UM-Flint's strategic planning priorities:

  • A Distinctive Identity that Builds Campus Pride
  • Excellent Education and Scholarship Across the Institution
  • A Student-Centered Culture Focused on Retention and Success
  • Recruitment through High-Quality Programs and Campus Life
  • A Vital Partnership with an Engaged Community 

The following activities ensured the CAS Strategic Plan effectively serves the College numerous and diverse stakeholders:

  • CAS Department Chairs, Associate Chairs, and Program Directors held initial discussions and provided framework for a College-wide survey;
  • distribution of the survey to all CAS faculty and staff, with results shared College-wide;
  • two open forums for all CAS faculty and staff to discuss survey results and provide feedback;
  • CAS leadership retreat (Council of Chairs and Executive Committee) to discuss alignment to University priorities and further deliberate CAS priorities.

Throughout 2019-20, Implementation Committees continued their work to accomplish the action items collected in Winter 2018. Though each committee is tasked with a specific area of focus, regular co-chair meetings help to ensure that work across the college is coordinated and efficiencies are realized. While membership of these committees is set through 2019-20, there will be opportunities for new members to join and continue the work of those who have rotated off the committee. In addition, co-chairs are encouraged to share regular updates and seek feedback in a variety of forums; both in meetings and virtually. 


Below please find the timeline of the CAS Strategic Planning process, beginning in the Winter 2017 semester. Updates to this page will be ongoing.

  • February 10: CAS Leadership (Department Chairs, Associate Chairs, Program Directors) meets to form questions for CAS survey
  • February 13-17: Survey open to all faculty and staff in CAS
MARCH 2017
  • March 7 & 8: open forums for CAS faculty and staff
MAY 2017
  • May 25: CAS Leadership Retreat
  • September 8: College-wide Strategic Planning Retreat
  • September 21: CAS Strategic Planning Committee Members announced
  • Steering Committee visits to CAS academic departments
  • Steering Committee visits to CAS standing committees
  • Alumni survey launched
  • Provost Knerr visit to Council of Chairs
  • October 12: CAS Steering Committee visit to CAS staff meeting
  • October 26 & 30: CAS Steering Committee / CAS students open forums
  • November 1: Steering Committee meeting to review all materials gathered during October meetings, forums, and survey
  • November 15: Steering Committee meeting to review emerging priorities as informed by October materials
  • November 29: Steering Committee meeting to finalize language for draft of CAS Strategic Priorities
  • November 30: CAS Strategic Planning Committee members vote to endorse draft of priorities
  • December 4: CAS Strategic Priorities draft emailed to all CAS faculty and staff for review
  • January 3: Strategic Planning Committee meeting to review CAS Governing Faculty suggestions to priorities
  • January 10: Revised priorities presented to and endorsed by CAS Governing Faculty
  • January 11: Email sent to CAS with request for action items
  • January 22: Email sent to CAS with reminder for action items
  • January 25: Email sent to CAS with reminder for action items
February 2018
  • February 8: Email sent to CAS with all action items received so far and extension for action items to be submitted
  • February 13: Final deadline for action items to be submitted
march 2018
  • March 16: CAS Open Forum


With the faculty's approval of the new Mission & Vision statement in May 2019, CAS currently has four active committees to assist with the implementation of the College's endorsed Strategic Plan. Membership on these committees is specified below and co-chairpersons are bolded.

Advising and Retention Implementation Committee

This committee will work to set retention goals, connect with administrators regarding student services including internships and career services for CAS majors, and ensure appropriate student data access for advising (1.5 or 2.5  years).

  • Justin Massing (CMB) 
  • Megan Presland (CAS-Advising)
  • Dauda Abubakar (AFS)
  • Nicole Altheide (CAS-Advising)
  • Biplop Barman (CSEP)
  • Jacob Blumner (ENG)
  • Katherine Eaton (CSEP)
  • Stephanie Roach (ENG) 
  • Sarah Rosaen (COM),
  • Kim Saks-McManaway (POL/PUB)
  • Zahid Syed (CSEP
General Education Implementation Committee

This committee will systematically review the UM-Flint GE program from the perspective of CAS and to interface with existing GECAC and other groups and define how life skills can be incorporated into CAS GE courses (1.5 or 2.5  years).

  • Guluma Gemeda (AFS)
  • Michelle Silva (COM)
  • Stevens Wandmacher, (PHL) 
  • Matt Fhaner, (CMB)
  • Teresa Yoder-Nowak (BIO)
  • Mehrdad Simkani (MTH)
  • Jennifer Alvey (SACJ)
Student Support Implementation Committee

This committee will work to examine the feasibility of more student-centered course scheduling, logistics of creating a student advisory committee, and develop ideas for a “minor gifts” campaign for student support  (1.5 or 2.5  years).

  • Cam McLeman (MTH)
  • Hillary Heinze (PSY)
  • Tayseer Wasif (CMB)
  • Lanre Aluko (CSEP)
  • DJ Trela (ENG)
Marketing and Communication Implementation Committee

This committee will plan, facilitate, and report on marketing efforts in CAS, establish standards for department and program webpages, and create a tracking mechanism for high school prospects (1.5 or 2.5  years).

  • Nicole Broughton (THE/DAN, 2021)
  • Logan McGrady (CAS, 2021)
  • Amal Alhosban (CSEP, 2021)
  • Dominika Lazarska (CAS, 2021)
  • Carol Chaney (MUS, 2021)

The terms of Mike Farmer (CSEP) and Terry Horgan (PSY) have ended. The committee thanks them for their service! 

Mission and Vision

The updated mission and vision of the College have been adopted. View the updated mission and vision

Members of the committee included:

  • Marcus Paroske (COM)
  • Rajib Ganguly (CSEP)
  • Shelby Newport (THE/DAN)
  • James Schirmer (ENG)
  • Dana Evans (CAS)
  • Roy Barnes (CAS)
  • Karen Bedell (PSY)  
  • Matthew Spradling (CSEP)

Each committee will meet regularly to advance goals as specified in the College’s Strategic Plan. Members will act as representatives of the College rather than as disciplinary or programmatic representatives. Each committee is expected to gather information, develop ideas, and present plans for implementation to the Governing Faculty of the College for input and endorsement. To ensure regular and transparent communication between groups, the co-chairs of each committee will each serve for 2.5 years and will act as the coordinating committee for Strategic Planning Implementation.