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College of Arts & Sciences

Susan Gano-Phillips, Ph.D.

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

  • Leadership of CAS, including budget
  • Managing all issues related to tenure-track faculty appointments
  • Chairing Executive Committee
  • Working with University Advancement (Development and Alumni Relations) to expand relationships and resources
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College of Arts & Sciences

Roy Barnes, Ph.D.

Associate Dean

  • Planning, coordinating and approval of course schedules for a portion of the CAS departments
  • Authorization of LEO faculty hires
  • Attending and/or sitting ex officio as a member of various Governing Faculty committees of CAS (Executive Committee, Education Unit)
  • Authorization of additional pay for CAS faculty as required by UM-Flint Human Resources
  • Coordinating coverage and acting on behalf of the CAS for essential functions of the College in conjunction with the other Associate Dean, during any absences from the campus of the Dean of CAS
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College of Arts & Sciences

Chris Pearson, Ph.D.

Associate Dean

  • Administrative supervision and oversight of CAS non-administrative staff in consultation with CAS Dean and other Associate Dean
  • Enrollment management through planning, coordination and approval of course schedules for CAS
  • Implementing LEO-related policies that include: authorization of the hire of LEO faculty, supervision of the review process for LEO-related issues, and/or training of CAS chairs/directors regarding LEO-related matters
  • Authorization of additional pay for CAS faculty as required by UM-Flint Human Resources
  • Attending and/or sitting ex officio as a member of various Governing Faculty committees of CAS (Academic Standards Committee, Curriculum Committee) 
  • Attending CAS Council of Chairs meetings and CAS Governing Faculty meetings
  • Coordinating coverage and acting on behalf of the CAS for essential functions of the College in conjunction with the other Associate Dean, during any absences from the campus of the Dean of CAS
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College of Arts & Sciences

Rhonda Broadworth

Administrative Assistant Intermediate

Academic Standards Committee

  • Handling questions, process, and documentation of the petitioning process
  • Interpretation of university policies and procedures for students, faculty, and staff
  • Coordination of academic misconduct and academic deficiency matters
  • Maintaining confidential Academic Misconduct Database

Curriculum Committee

  • Communicating all College curricular changes to faculty, including new/revised courses, program and degree requests
  • Attending Governing Faculty meetings
  • Setting deadlines for curricular revisions in CAS to meet the timing of University Catalog production


  • Executing peer facilitator job postings, hiring and timekeeping 
  • Providing backup for LEO Lecturer I job postings
  • Coordinating administrative staff job posting and hiring process for CAS
  • Assisting with office coverage as needed

Myesha Cannon

Career Advisor

  • Provides individual and small group career advising and coaching for students
  • Manages Handshake Internship and employment website
  • Provides support to staff and faculty in matters relating to career readiness and career development.  
  • Plans and coordinates events to assist with connecting students to industry opportunities.

Students: Schedule an appointment with Myesha

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College of Arts & Sciences

Jami Caulkins

Administrative Specialist

  • Managing CAS teaching loads database
  • Coordinating LEO lecturer appointments
  • Producing contract appointment letters 
  • Coordinating LEO review schedule
  • Inputting HRMS appointment information for CAS faculty
  • Processing stipend requests for CAS employees and faculty
  • Responding to inquiries from CAS faculty and staff members regarding appointment transactions and payroll issues
  • Processing new hire LEO I appointments and paperwork
  • Assisting Deans as matters arise
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College of Arts & Sciences

Brett Dennis

Assistant to the Dean

General Duties: 

  • Assisting with the day-to-day, and long-term operations of the Dean's Office
  • Managing the Dean’s calendar
  • Performing routine correspondence with a variety of constituents on behalf of the Dean's Office
  • Providing back-up support to Associate Deans
  • Meeting facilitation for Executive Committee, Council of Chairs, & Governing Faculty
  • Special projects and meetings such as annual reports, faculty retreats, etc., as assigned
  • Digital personnel information entry
  • Assisting with and acting as an intermediary for promotion and tenure cases.

For TT Faculty:

  • Supporting annual reviews, 2/4 year reviews, sabbaticals, etc.

For Tenured/Tenure Track & LEO III/IV:

  • Coordinating processes for modified duties, leave of absences, job postings, offer letters, and other various HR procedures

Marisa Eynon-Ezop

Graduate Programs Recruiter, Admissions Counselor

  • Process applications for CAS graduate student admissions
  • Conduct graduation audits
  • Collaborate with Program Directors/Chairs in sending admissions letters
  • Devise new outreach initiatives for CAS graduate programs 
  • Assist the CAS Communications Specialist in the implementation of annual promotion campaigns to advertise CAS graduate programs
  • Represent CAS Graduate Programs at graduate program recruitment events, open houses, and career fairs
  • Advise prospective graduate students concerning basic information about CAS graduate programs and refer students to Program Directors when appropriate
  • Assist students during the application and registration process including prescriptive advising, overrides, petitions, and grade change forms
  • Collaborate and consult with the Graduate Programs Office as needed
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College of Arts & Sciences

Dana Evans

Budget Analyst Senior

Overseeing Budget and Financials for the College

  • Preparing, analyzing, and managing CAS budgets and related financial activities
  • Providing financial, budget support to CAS Deans
  • Assisting CAS Chairs and Program Directors in department finance matters
  • Monitoring financial policy matters for CAS
  • Acting as CAS liaison to UM-Flint administration office for budget, finance, and procurement matters

Leading CAS Accountant, Accountant Associate, and HR Specialist

  • Coordinating workload and processes related to budget and financial activities with Dean/Associate Deans
  • Overseeing Accountant Internal Control assessment/sub-certification
  • Conducting Annual Space Survey and monthly departmental reports

Resource for CAS Staff

  • Monitoring and insuring all CAS staff are trained and supported in financial activities
  • Supervising GF budget transfers, Journal Entries, and P-Card processes
  • Updating and communicating CAS financial Policy and Procedures
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College of Arts & Sciences

Carolyn Horne

Financial Specialist Associate

  • Processing hosting and travel pre-authorization funding forms and People Pay forms for CAS
  • Preparing reimbursement and reconciliation of Moving and Relocation Expenses forms for incoming tenure-track faculty, honorariums for promotion and tenure cases, and pre-authorization forms for the CAS Dean's Office
  • Assisting the Dean's Office with Concur reports
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College of Arts & Sciences

Dominika Lazarska

CAS Administrative Staff Supervisor Senior

  • Supervision and leadership of CAS Administrative Staff
  • Ensuring best utilization of resources and maintaining workload balances
  • Problem solving and seeking out solutions to staff inquiries
  • Working in collaboration with the Dean's Office staff to ensure consistency in implementing and executing common processes
  • Developing and implementing policies, procedures, and internal controls for administrative functions
  • Networking with other units on campus to foster collaboration and implement best practices
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Logan McGrady

Communications Specialist

  • Creating written content for CAS blog and university news outlets
  • Graphic design for events and programming
  • Social media planning, execution, and stewardship
  • Website planning and maintenance
  • Representing CAS at events on- and off-campus
  • Photography
  • Marketing & Communication Strategic Planning co-chair
  • Internal communications to CAS faculty and staff
  • Connecting overall CAS and departmental strategy with University Communications 
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College of Arts & Sciences

Lora Priebe

Accountant Intermediate

  • Creating, maintaining, and distributing monthly financial reports for all departments within CAS;
  • Reconciling all payroll for CAS;
  • Performing review and analysis of departmental financial transactions;
  • Preparing journal entries and transfers for CAS Dean's Office and departments, as requested;
  • Preparing, scheduling, and conducting quarterly budget meetings with CAS departments;
  • Providing financial liaison support for the Africana Studies, Economics, English, Master of Arts-English, Foreign Languages, & Political Science departments;
  • Supporting CAS staff and assisting department chairs in financial areas as needed;
  • Assisting Budget Analyst with projects, budget preparation, and training of CAS staff and faculty.