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The English Department at the University of Michigan-Flint is home to undergraduate programs in literature, writing, linguistics, and English education. Our mission is to foster thoughtful and empathetic leaders who understand and use the English language effectively and creatively.

We have a dedicated faculty with a shared belief that language is intrinsically fascinating and important. Through its study, we hone our ability to ask questions, interpret texts, consider different views, create and debate ideas, and make and communicate well-reasoned arguments.

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English Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Bachelor of Arts in English

Catalog Description
The English program provides a comprehensive experience that integrates three disciplines: linguistics, literature, and writing. Through foundational, applied, and advanced coursework and flexible elective pathways, students are prepared to be analytical and innovative professionals who understand the integrated nature of language, culture and text and who contribute to the overall health and well-being of their communities.

English Honors Program

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Undergraduate students in the University Honors Program may pursue any of the English specializations: English Education, Linguistics, Literature, or Writing.



Secondary Teaching Certificate

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What will your experience as an English major look like with UM-Flint? We’ve developed major maps to help you learn what to expect during each stage of your studies. These maps share year-by-year information like class selection, extra-curricular opportunities, career preparation, and more. Download the map and start charting your course to success.

Elexis Nelson

Elexis Nelson
Linguistics 2016

Elexis is working as a Native English Teacher for EPIK, a government-funded program in South Korea. When asked how the Linguistics program prepared her for success after graduation, Elexis stated, “My accumulated teaching hours have put me in higher positions than others in less-extensive programs. Also, the diversity of my teaching experience provided me with chances to teach language learners at all levels.”

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