CAS Fridays for Success

All Day advising workshop
FRIDAY, MAY 4, 2018  |  10 a.m. - 3 p.m.  |  FH 405

Co-presented by Stephanie Roach and Aimi Moss




This workshop repeats the all day workshops given in May and October 2017 and offers an accelerated version of the full CAS Fridays for Success workshop series. The workshop will cover the following topics:

Do Academic Advising, Tutoring, and Supplemental Instruction "Work"? including presentation of data on access to, satisfaction with, and impact of advising, tutoring, and Supplemental Instruction

Set the Stage for Graduation Right at the Beginning including ways to use Degree Works and to create a "culture of graduation" at every level in CAS

Oh, YES you CAN get a job if you major in _______? including presentation of employer survey data, university career services, and strategies for discussing career opportunities for any major within CAS 

You want me to ADVISE in my class?! including approaches to advising outside of the traditional in-office advising appointment and ways to use the classroom to promote student connections and engagement 

Yes, but how can I help with retention? including discussion of predictive modeling and curricular and purposeful approaches to retention and presentation of CAS and department data

What will next year bring for CAS advising and retention? including historical context, early reports on faculty collaborations with staff advisors and discussion toward an exciting, effective, distinct, systemic, and collaborative future for CAS advising and retention.


  • Cultivate a culture and knowledge base in CAS of shared responsibility for student success through academic advising programming that is knowledge-driven, systematic, collaborative, transparent, and effective.
  • Cultivate a culture and knowledge base in CAS of shared responsibility for retention and graduation that is informed, pride-driven, exciting, hopeful, and distinct. 
  • Earn a certificate declaring you a "CAS Student Success Advocate" by attending this workshop