Pre-Professional Programs
at UM-Flint

Pre-DentalPre-Medical. Pre-PharmacyPre-Physician Assistant.
 Pre-Physical TherapyPre-Veterinary Medicine.

CAS gives you options on your way to professional school!

There is no single, prescribed path to your professional program. Rather, your time as an undergrad is about building up a unique resume that reflects who you are as a student, and what you'll bring to your program and career. In the College of Arts & Sciences, we encourage you to follow your passions and to build an educational base that will serve you for life.

Courses in psychology, anthropology, and sociology will help you to better understand your patients and clients. Taking classes in biology, chemistry, and mathematics will give you experience in research and terminology necessary for the medical fields. Courses in communication, philosophy, theatre, and English will help you to communicate with them and with your colleagues.  You will find the same value in classes from any of our 18 departments--it's all about how you apply them to your future studies and career.

Field-Specific Advising Information
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Our students are often more qualified to enter professional programs than others from similarly sized institutions. Our focus on meaningful hands-on research and our amazing faculty mentors will give you an advantage during the highly competitive application process. Our undergrads are often completing work that is reserved for graduate students at other institutions.