Foreign Languages & Literature

Study Global Languages & Culture

Foreign language programs at the University of Michigan-Flint prepare students for a mastery of the language, an understanding of its literature and culture, and knowledge of the linguistic processes that make up a native speaker’s competence. Such knowledge is needed for teaching, for graduate work, and for other careers requiring specialized linguistic knowledge and skill. All courses, however, are open to any student who has satisfied the prerequisites.

Did you know that the job outlook for interpreters and translators is projected to grow 19% by 2028, much faster than the national average? With the growing participation of the United States in international business and the increasingly multinational character of American society itself, knowledge of a foreign language in nearly every kind of occupation is useful. Many students study to become teachers, you can graduate prepared to find a rewarding career helping others explore foreign languages.

Other students seek to complement their studies in international business, journalism, communication, art, travel, or other fields requiring foreign language. Knowledge of a second language is a strong asset favored by employers when searching for job candidates.

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