Within CAS you will find majors and programs ranging from STEM fields to performing arts; we are also home to the social sciences, natural sciences, humanities, interdisciplinary study, and visual arts. By offering students an education in an array of subjects, the College of Arts & Sciences prepares them for a life filled with learning and success; a life in which they are agents of change and valuable members of their communities and society.

We boast small class sizes, academic interaction with our faculty--including research and publishing opportunities, regular community engagement and real-world applications in your field of study. We have a strong history of active student clubs and honors societies.

We encourage our students to work hard, get involved, and make the most of their time in CAS. Explore your passions and find the major that is right for you!


General Info

This information will help you get acquainted with the University of Michigan-Flint and the College of Arts & Sciences. 

Your Administrative Support Hub
If you have a question and aren't sure where to turn, your first step can be your major's administrative support hub. Our friendly administrative staff can point you in the right direction!  

220 FH Administrative Team (Supporting: ECN; HIS; MUS; POL; THE/DAN)

326 FH Administrative Team (Supporting: AFA; ENG; FOR; PHL, PSY; SOC/ANT/CRJ; WGS)

212 MSB Administrative Team (Supporting: CSEP; MTH)

264 MSB Administrative Team (Supporting: ART; BIO; CMB; COM; GPE; BAS)

CAS Majors & Programs
A Liberal Arts Education offers something for every student's interests: humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, interdisciplinary studies, fine arts, and popular STEM offerings! Browse our majors, minors, and certificate programs, visit department pages, and find the major that's right for YOU!

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Graduate Programs


Students of CAS have numerous opportunities to enrich and expand their time here. From the academic rigor of the Honors Program to the numerous international travel possiblities via study abroad or exchange programs, we encourage you to embrace all of the opportunties that exist at UM-Flint. In CAS, academic excellence goes far beyond your grades!

Fulbright Information
The Fulbright Program is the flagship international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government and is designed to “increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries.” UM-Flint students can travel abroad through this program.

Honors Program
The Honors Program's combination of multi-disciplinary coursework and extensive hands-on research is designed to broaden students' perspectives.

UM-Flint's Scholarship Application, application guide, sample letters, available scholarships, deadlines, and more. 

Study Abroad & International Exchange
UM-Flint’s opportunities for international study span all disciplines. Learn more about our study abroad program or apply today!

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)
The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) is designed to support collaborations between UM-Flint undergraduate students and faculty researchers. UROP allows students to earn paid (or volunteer), hands-on research experiences working along faculty on cutting-edge projects. See what projects are available now!

Wyatt Exploration Program
The Wyatt Exploration Program provides a unique and exciting opportunity for students and faculty to join together in the intellectual exploration of the human past. Organized by the Department of History with financial support from the Wyatt Endowment, the program focuses on the history and culture of a specific place or on a particular historical topic.

Student Life

Go beyond your field of study to find other was of being involved at UM-Flint. We have award winning teams from women's hockey to debate, socially active groups that are making a difference in the community, and service and support groups that will enrich your personal life. Meet your fellow students and really become a part of UM-Flint!

Club Sports
From football to cycling to soccer to hockey, UM-Flint boasts a wide array of men's and women's sports teams. Be active on the field and on campus!

Student Organizations
With more than 100 student organizations to choose from, the University of Michigan-Flint has an organization for everyone. There are organizations for various academic departments, religions, and cultural backgrounds, as well as organizations for honors, social fraternities and sororities, service groups, and special interests. Join an existing organization or start your own!

UM-Flint News
News and stories from around campus! From policy changes to student awards, keep up with everything happening at UM-Flint.

UM-Flint Social Media
Find and view feeds from UM-Flint blogs, Facebook pages, Flickr acounts, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, and YouTube! See what's trending now or see feeds listed by department, college, or organization! Use #UMFlint in your own posts to appear on the page!


Academic Integrity and Misconduct Guidelines
Summaries, definitions of Academic Integrity, Code of Academic Conduct, ASC Academic Dishonesty Cases, Academic Suspension, Academic Dismissal, Academic Probation/Dismissal Letter

Academic Misconduct Database Information
Procedures for Handling Academic Misconduct Cases

Academic Standards Committee Petition
 Petition for Overloads, Adding or Dropping Courses after deadline, Withdrawal, etc.

Foreign Language Accommodation Request

Guest Student Application

Petition to Readmit
Petition Form and Guidelines for Students Seeking UM-Flint Readmission 

Student Grievance Procedures
The general procedures for resolving student grievances in matters of dispute between student(s) and instructor(s) regarding classroom instruction, arbitrary and/or inconsistent application of classroom policies and procedures including assignment of grade(s), or allegations of discrimination.