Recruitment, Retention & Graduation Task Force

Investing in Student Success at UM-Flint

President Mark Schlissel announced the University of Michigan will make a significant investment in the regional campuses. A $20 million fund will be shared by the UM-Flint and UM-Dearborn campuses to support and improve student recruitment, retention, and graduation. The money will be devoted to initiatives identified by each campus’s chancellor and specific to each campus’s strategic priorities. The final allocation of funds, metrics for success and the timeline of all activities will be determined by President Schlissel, Chancellor Domenico Grasso and Chancellor Deba Dutta.

The Recruitment, Retention and Graduation Task Force

The Recruitment, Retention and Graduation Task Force (RRGTF) was created to research and recommend how the funds should be spent to meet the important objective of student success at UM-Flint.

Task Force Co-Chairs

  • Kristi Hottenstein, Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management
  • Shan Parker, Director of Public Health & Health Sciences/Associate Professor

Task Force Members

  • Megan Keiser, Associate Professor of Nursing, SON
  • Greg Laurence, Chair, Department of Management and Marketing, SOM
  • Megan Presland, Academic Advisor, CAS
  • James Schirmer, Chair, Department of English, CAS
  • Chelsea Smith, Academic Advisor, Student Success Center
  • Levi Todd, Student, Political Science, CAS
  • Alysia Trevino, Student, Anthropology, CAS
  • Matt Wynecken, Associate Professor of Math Education, SEHS

Staff Support

  • Terry Bigelow, Executive Secretary, Business & Finance/Enrollment Management


August 1, 2020 – Phase 1 Begins

September 1 – Phase 1 Recommendations Delivered to Chancellor Dutta

September 2 – Phase 2 Begins

Early November – Phase 2 Recommendations Delivered to Chancellor Dutta