Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students,

The University of Michigan-Flint continues to take swift and decisive action to support our international students as a result of the federal government’s announcement regarding their potential online course load this fall. 

The Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration, led 180 member colleges and universities in filing an amicus brief in support of Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)’s legal complaint against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). UM-Flint is one of the universities that is part of the amicus brief that was filed.

The amicus brief argues that higher education institutions and international students will experience significant burdens due to the guidance’s arbitrary prohibition, without notice, to online-only courses for international students, particularly after investing substantial resources in planning their fall 2020 operations. Institutions, the amicus argues, relied heavily on the existing SEVP guidance that flexibility would continue “for the duration of the emergency.”

At UM-Flint, staff from the Center for Global Engagement, Student Advising, the Registrar’s Office, and other departments are working with each student impacted by the decision to develop a plan to help them continue their education at UM-Flint if they wish to do so. This work is ongoing. 

Our international students have our unwavering support. We are united with U-M Ann Arbor, UM-Dearborn, and all other institutions of higher education in fighting for the rights of these students who are here in this country to pursue their education, and to do so safely during this pandemic. We are unequivocally with them. 

In good health,

Deba Dutta