We have a number of innovative degree programs to help you succeed in whatever your goals might be. Our alumni have gone on to professional schools (like medical school), PhD programs, and have found meaningful careers after their undergraduate studies. 


For the student who plans to undertake graduate studies in analytical, inorganic, organic, or physical chemistry or to prepare for professional work as a chemist.


The Bachelor of Arts program in Chemistry is designed for students who want to gain a general background in chemistry, to prepare themselves for entry into medical, dental, osteopathic or veterinary school, or to make use of the science of chemistry in their careers.  


The student who expects to accept an entry-level position in any area requiring knowledge of biological chemistry, or to do graduate study in biochemistry, other areas of biomedical science (pharmacology/toxicology, physiology, cell and/or molecular biology, molecular genetics, immunology, microbial physiology, agricultural chemistry/plant science, food science, or human nutrition) may be best served by completing the Program in Biochemistry. 


The Green Chemistry Bachelor of Science program prepares students to undertake graduate studies in analytical, inorganic, organic or physical chemistry or biochemistry, or to work as chemistry professionals.  In addition to traditional training and education in a chemistry curriculum, students will use the principles of green chemistry to evaluate the ecological and economical sustainability of chemicals and chemical processes.  Toxicology and the environmental fate of chemicals are key components of these principles.


In addition to standard program requirements, Honors Program students participate in an off-campus research experience and complete an undergraduate thesis. 

Not Sure?

If you're not sure what the best choice is for you, we are here to help. Contact Academic Advisor Aaron Bagwell to talk through your goals and how you can best achieve them with a Chemistry or Biochemistry degree from UM-Flint. 

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