Frequently Asked Questions

What is the College of Innovation & Technology (CIT) at UM-Flint?
The CIT is a brand new academic unit that focuses on preparing students for exciting careers in a variety of industries. It is one of just a few technology colleges in the state that will offer compelling courses, industry internships, and a quality U-M education for students who enroll.

What degree programs are offered in the CIT?
Beginning Fall 2021, the College of Innovation and Technology will offer two exciting majors: Digital Manufacturing Technology and Information Technology and Informatics. Both are four-year bachelor’s degrees. 

The Digital Manufacturing Technology curriculum will explore the intersection of advanced manufacturing, design and control using artificial intelligence and other technologies that are shaping Industry 4.0. 

The Information Technology and Informatics course of study is distinct from computer science and management information systems, and focuses on a broad base of computer-related skills and experiences including programming, data management, networking, mobile systems, ethics, and security.

Both degrees will prepare graduates with skills for employment in a wide variety of industries including large-scale manufacturing, hospitals and healthcare organizations, retail companies and chains, and government agencies.

In the coming years, CIT will offer more technology degrees in emerging areas like environment and sustainability, biotechnology, mobility, cybersecurity and others.

Will I be able to earn credits toward a degree in technology beginning in Fall 2021?
Yes! Our advisors will work with you to develop a plan that gets you on a path toward earning your technology degree. With the implementation of new courses, and the compatibility of existing courses, we are ready to help you develop a plan toward graduation.

When choosing a major, programs such as computer science, engineering, business, and other related disciplines will closely align with the curriculum that will be established for CIT majors. However, students can choose any major and will be working directly with their advisor to select courses that will count towards their CIT program in the future.

I’m already a UM-Flint student. Can I switch my major to one offered by the new CIT?
Yes! Contact your advisor to talk through your academic plan. Let them know you are interested in pursuing a degree in technology so that they can help you to be ready to pursue this new educational path at UM-Flint.

Will my degree be from the University of Michigan?
Yes! All degrees awarded at UM-Flint are University of Michigan degrees. In fact, the CIT is the only technology college on any U-M campus. That makes UM-Flint the only place you will be able to earn a U-M degree in technology.

How can I get more information about the CIT?
The best way to stay informed about the CIT is to apply to UM-Flint. We will be in communication with you about updates, as well as inviting you to special events where you can ask questions of UM-Flint staff and faculty. You can also contact us directly at any time to talk to an Admissions Counselor who will make sure your questions get answers.

Are scholarships available?
Yes! We have several scholarship options available for students interested in the CIT. The earlier you apply, the more opportunities for scholarships will be available to you. There are also several scholarship opportunities available to current students as well. We will do our best to make your UM-Flint experience affordable and worthwhile.