What are Club Sports?

As Sponsored Student Organizations, Club Sports have access to additional opportunities, privileges, and resources which results in additional responsibilities for the Officers, players, and staff. Club Sports are registered in collegiate leagues and regularly compete in various state, regional, and national contests and tournaments against clubs from other colleges and universities. Each club is formed, developed, and governed by the student membership of that specific club and has served a successful VSO probation period. It is the responsibility of each club to elect officers and to coordinate practices, competitions, transportation, publicity, and other club activities. The Club Sports Associate Director is the advisor for the various Club Sport teams and serves as their liaison to the University community.

Who is eligible?

Athletes in every Club Sport must be:

  • Enrolled in a degree program at UM-Flint

    • Per SPG 601.34 dually enrolled and Genesee Early College (GEC) students are not eligible for participation in Club Sports
  • Enrolled for the semester(s) of competition (exception for spring/summer)
  • Able to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 

Additionally, some sport leagues have higher standards for athletes to be eligible for competition. Examples include: men's basketball - enrolled in 12 credit hours; women's volleyball - enrolled in nine credit hours for undergraduates, six hours for graduate students; men's hockey - enrolled and passed at least nine credit hours for undergraduates, six hours for graduate students

When are tryouts?

Tryouts vary based on when a sport's season begins. Please visit our Team Directory page to learn more about the specific team you are interested in.

How much does it cost?

Team dues vary from sport to sport based on equipment and facility needs, along with the volume of travel. While Club Sports receive some funding from the University, along with sponsor and donor gifts, those funds only partially cover the full cost of a club's operation. Team dues serve an essential role in covering that difference.

Do I need a physical in order to participate?

No, we do not require physicals for any of our athletes. However, every athlete is required to have health insurance.  

How can I start a Club Sport?

Any UM-Flint student can start a student organization. All sport-based clubs start as a Voluntary Student Organization (VSO) and serve a two- to three-year probationary period before becoming a Club Sport if that is what they wish to do. Sport-based VSOs are required to follow the policies and procedures established by the Student Involvement & Leadership Office, as well as Recreational Services where applicable. The Recreational Services staff will make the determination if a sports-based VSO is ready to become a Club Sport and if the program is fiscally able to support an additional club.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Please contact Club Sports Associate Director, Julia Stulock at jstulock@umich.edu.

Where do teams practice & compete?

Check out the Google map at the bottom of our visitor's page, which shows each team's practice and/or home competition locations. 

As for away games: our teams have a lot of games in state, but Indiana and Ohio are the most frequent sites for out of state trips.