Photography and Video Usage at UM-Flint Commencement

The University of Michigan-Flint Commencement Ceremony is an important event for our graduates, their family, and friends. During the ceremony, one can reasonably assume that photos and/or video will be taken. For your information, please note the following:

  • The Commencement Ceremony is available through live-streamed video on the university’s website. The cameras are set up on tri-pods in various open areas around the arena, and equipment to provide the streaming video is located to the left on the arena floor.
  • Pictures and video of the processional, ceremony, and recessional may be taken from the seats and certain designated areas. Public access to the main floor for photos is not allowed, except for those requiring accessibility seating in the designated area at the back of the arena.
  • University staff as well as hired professional photographers will take photos and/or video during the event and post them to our social media sites as well as the university website.
  • You are invited to share your commencement photos online. Please be mindful of others you may not know, and request their permission before taking a photo.
  • If your image is included in a photo that you did not consent to, and that photo has been posted to the UM-Flint website, please contact University Communications & Marketing at 810-237-6570 to have it removed.
  • Video- and photo-Free Area:  The top four rows of section 2 have been designated as a photo- and video-free zone. Please refrain from camera usage in that area.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter. Any further questions or concerns can be directed to the UM-Flint Office of University Communications & Marketing.