The Common Read Project

The purpose of the Common Read program is to encourage incoming first-year and other students at UM-Flint to read a common book prior to and/or early in the academic year. The book and the events surrounding it are intended to emphasize the importance of reading to higher education and an informed and enriched life, to make possible conversations and relationships based on shared reading experience, and to integrate the campus into national and global culture and discussions.

The Common Read Project is faculty-led, in collaboration with academic and student affairs. The charge of the committee is to select a book that inspires intellectual curiosity, prepares students for the challenging reading that is part of a university education, and contributes to the university as a community of ideas, inquiry, and discussion. Faculty are encouraged to assign the book in their courses and to guide discussion of the text. The committee also develops programming around the book’s themes. The committee invites the author to campus for a major presentation and other discussions. Faculty, staff and students are all invited to read and discuss the book and attend events.

Common Read Committee

Peggy Kahn, Co-Chair
Professor of Political Science

Christopher Molnar, Co-Chair
Associate Professor of History

Sarah Faitel
Lecturer in Linguistics

Stephanie Gelderloos
Lecturer in Writing

Guluma Gemeda, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Africana Studies​​​​​​​

Mary Jo Kietzman
Associate Professor of English

Kimberly Laux 
Lecturer in Communications​​​​​​​

David J. Luke
Director, Intercultural Center

Adam Lutzker
Associate Professor of Economics

Emily Newberry
Senior Associate Librarian

Rebecca Tonietto
Assistant Professor of Biology