Support for Students

Communication Studies majors benefit from a one-of-a-kind support system that involves multiple layers of advising and faculty contact. We recognize the very significant investment of time and money that you are making in going to college, and we believe all students in our department deserve our assistance in getting the most out of their major. 

Student support in Communication Studies means:
  1. Our #1 goal is that every Communication Studies major graduate as quickly as possible. By meeting individually with each student early and often, we will set you up for success from the moment you become a part of the Communication Studies family.
  2. We promise to offer the courses you need to complete your major in a regular, predictable rotation. 
  3. We will establish a course plan that tells you exactly when you can expect to graduate. We will follow up with you regularly to make sure everything remains on track.
  4. We promise to give you quick and accurate answers to all of your questions about graduation requirements.
  5. We promise to listen to your goals, help you pick courses, and learn about campus resources that allow you to achieve your goals.

Academic Advising: How to Get Your Degree

Kim Laux is the academic advisor for Communication Studies and an expert in the graduation requirements of UM-Flint. When you declare a major in Communication Studies, the department will contact you to set up an advising appointment. At that time, you will work with Kim to design your own customized course plan that will map out the courses you need to graduate, taking into account transfer credits if you have them. Once your course plan is set, the department will follow up with you every semester to check your progress and, as necessary, make adjustments to your plan.

Faculty Mentoring: How to Reach Your Goals

College is about more than getting a degree. It is also about getting all that you can out of your time at UM-Flint. There are an incredible number of resources and opportunities for you here. For help on this journey, every Communication Studies major is assigned their own faculty mentor. This full time faculty member will work with you to explore what your goals are and give guidance on how to meet those goals. Mentors are especially interested to help you in these areas:

  1. Career Services—With your faculty mentor, you can explore career options. You can also work on resume writing, explore internship opportunities, and learn about career fairs.
  2. Academic Success—Your faculty mentor has a simple goal for you in your classes: every student should always be getting better. If you are a good student, how do you get on the Dean’s List? If you are already on the Dean’s list, how do you win awards? If you sometimes struggle in classes, how do you figure out what can be improved and connect with resources that will help? All of our mentors are teachers in Communication, and can work with you to raise your GPA, no matter where you are starting.  
  3. Engagement and Networking—Students who are active in extra-curricular activities and volunteering are much more competitive for jobs. Your mentor can suggest ways to get involved. They can also help you connect with over 1,000 alumni of UM-Flint Communication Studies.
  4. Electives and Cognates—The Communication Studies major has some flexibility for you to take courses that fulfill your individual interests and goals. With your mentor, you can select these courses deliberately and learn how to market the skills you are developing after you graduate.

To make sure that every student is setting themselves up for success after graduation, all Communication Studies majors will meet at least once a year with their faculty mentor.

What Do Students Need to Do?

Advisors and mentors are assigned to you automatically once you become a Communication Studies major. Simply watch for an email welcoming you to the Department, and reply to Kim Laux. Your faculty mentor will reach out to you as well. All you need to do is show up!

If at any time you want to meet with your advisor or mentor beyond the required meetings, do not hesitate! Our doors are always open. We love to discuss these things with students. After all, we are here because we care about your success.