Communication Studies Research

Our faculty are active researchers and motivated students can often find opportunities to collaborate with their professors on original research. 


UROP allows undergraduate students to earn stipends of up to $500 per funding cycle while completing research with their faculty. 

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Similar to UROP, SURE provides an outlet for undergraduate students to take part in hands-on research with their professors while earning a stipend over the spring & summer semesters. 

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Recent Communication Research

Sarah Rosaen researches the impact of media on children

How are children impacted by media and what can they understand? Dr. Rosean's research looks at children at different developmental stages, and even provides suggestions for parents on managing media at home. Click to read a Q&A with Dr. Rosean on her work. 

Marcus Paroske on Stephen Colbert's satire

Dr. Marcus Paroske examines "participatory satire" when Stephen Colbert formed his own Super PAC to satirize campaign finance law. The article was published in the journal "Studies in American Humor," and looks at the implications of Colbert participating directly with the government processes he satirizes. 

Heather Seipke on older women in assisted living

Dr. Heather Seipke's research often focuses on older adults. In this article, published in the Journal of Women & Aging, she explores how older women communicate their sense of self when transitioning to assisted living facilities.